Security Options for the Small Business


Security is an essential requirement for every business, and fortunately, with modern technology, there are a many ways to secure a commercial premises. Research suggests that opportunist thieves are focusing their attention on commercial premises, as more and more UK homes are now protected in some form or another, and with that in mind, here are some of the popular security solutions for small businesses.

  • Video Surveillance – CCTV allows for every access point to be covered, and for a small commercial building, there might only be 2 or 3 access points. Video surveillance is considered to be the best deterrent, so it is advised to have the cameras placed in prominent positions, and for larger premises, there would be a control room, where manned security can clearly see all the perimeters of the facility. If you are looking for a suitable contractor to install a video surveillance system, there are many companies that offer a tailored package, and with an Internet connection, the boss can check that all is well, wherever they might be.
  • Wireless Intruder Alarms – There are many state of the art alarm systems on the market today, and with motion sensors and Bluetooth connectivity, you can have a high level of security for a reasonable cost. There are no “off the peg’ solutions with this type of system, and the supplier would typically make an appointment to survey the premises to be protected, and with their expertise and knowledge, you can make an informed decision on how best to protect your business.
  • Hard Wired Security Systems – This has always been a very effective way to protect a commercial building, and the system would be designed from the ground up by the supplier, who would also install the system. It is likely that wired alarm systems will eventually become obsolete, and unless it was a very large facility, the wireless solution is much preferred. There are local companies that offer a wide range of various electrical safety systems, allowing you to select something suitable.
  • Keyless Entry – This enables authorised people to access, and the system can work in several ways, such as fingerprint scan or facial recognition, and for a premises where many employees work, this is definitely the best system. All access doors would have automatic locking, which means that the only people who can gain access are those who are authorised. The beauty of this technology is you can configure certain people to have access to specific areas, and with no keys required, things will be much more convenient. It is even possible to allow access only during specific hours, which is ideal for cleaning staff and service engineers, and by talking to the right supplier, you can have a tailored system that achieves the objective and is also affordable.

Security has always been an essential component for every business, and even more so these days, and with all of the above to choose from, finding the best way to protect your business has never been easier.

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