Selecting Competitive Priorities


It is important for the reputation management expert company to select their competitive priorities in order to be able to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Any company should figure out what they bring to the table especially a growing one like the reputation management expert company since they are looking forward to see how the Internet Marketing field will grow in the next few years. When you are selecting competitive priorities, sometimes, firms can improve on all competitive priorities simultaneously. Further improvements in one area may require a trade-off with one or more of the others. When it comes to consistent quality, this is the frequency with which the product or service meets design specifications.

When it comes to selecting your competitive priorities, an example given for targeting value could be at an airline where the core processes include the customer relationship, order fulfillment, supplier relationship and the new service development. If you would be looking at the customer relationship of an airline normally you’d say it is a high performance design and of consistent quality as well as a variety at times. The order fulfillment would be a low-cost operations, high performance design, consistent quality, on-time delivery and of course variety. When it comes to the supplier relationship of an airline normally it would be a low cost operations, consistent quality, and on-time delivery, variety and volume flexibility. When it comes to the new service development the development speed is a factor, customization and the high performance design as well.

For a company like the reputation management expert, when it comes to the core process, this would for sure involve a customer relationship, and a supplier relationship as well. The customer relationship would involve high performance design, a consistent quality and of course variety. The order fulfillment would be of the lowest possible cost for operations but this is a relatively expensive service therefore the costs may actually be high-costs. It is definitely on-time delivery for when they expect the project to be done and as well as consistent quality and variety. The supplier relationship includes low cost operations, consistent quality and on-time delivery as well as volume flexibility. Finally the new service development would include how it is all customizable for the client on what they want to accomplish, it always consists of high performance design and it involves process innovation.

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