Sending a Parcel by International Courier to the USA


Living abroad is getting easier with email, video calls and messaging services to keep in touch with family members. Still, nothing beats a parcel arriving from home, all the way from the British Isles. With a cheap courier to USA, it doesn’t even need to be expensive. A knitted sweater is great, but nothing can rouse those loving home memories quite like a delicious treat. Sure, Mom’s good intention is to send a bit of love, but inexperience can result in your lovely parcel being confiscated and returned home. There are strict rules and limits when sending goods abroad. It is better to adhere to the prohibitions and be completely honest on the custom declaration form as heavy fines can be imposed for illegally importing goods.

Is Christmas pudding allowed?

Perishables are not permitted for transport by international courier. These include any foods that might not survive the transit period. You need to check all labels to make sure the printed shelf life is longer than 6 months from the date you are sending the parcel. So, no, your dear aunt’s Christmas pudding will not make it through customs. However, Courierpoint can help you to get the recipe of the delicious pudding, as well as a store-bought baking mix to prepare the pudding, to the US safely. They can even courier the pans and utensils needed to bake the pudding…maybe not the oven.

Which Foods Are Allowed?

You are welcome to send items that are clearly in the original packaging and have not been tampered with. Some specific foods and drinks, like alcohol, are prohibited, so check before sending them. Custom officials might also check the list of ingredients, so these should be listed on your food item packaging as well. Make sure the ingredients don’t include prohibited content. Some great edibles to send are favoured candies and chocolate – and Marmite – that can’t be bought in America. Be sure to list all the different items in your parcel on the customs declaration form. You can get more specific shipping information about your parcel to the USA here.

What about That Sweater?

When deciding which goods are allowed, it is easier to look at the list of prohibited items as governed by the IATA. An international courier is not allowed to ship any animal products like furs, ivory or skins. Plant products like seeds, live plants, and tobacco is also restricted. Goods that may be considered dangerous like explosives, guns, swords and knives, car batteries, alcohol, nail varnish and aerosol sprays that could explode under pressure will not be shipped. You cannot send cash via international courier, either. Taking these regulations into account, that sweater should definitely be okay.

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