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Recently Google announced that it had acquired FameBit. FameBit is one of the online marketplaces where the creators of video as well as the people who would wish to promote their content connect. Monetization has been a concern not only for Google’s YouTube biggest but also for the individuals who create videos, and the company’s efforts to acquire FameBit is one of their biggest achievement so far.

YouTube has been in the forefront to support the video creation initiative through its partner program. Google has also realized the expansion of other multi-channels that video creators partner with for advertisement purposes and other business recourses.

Google’s Achievement

Google’s achievement of acquiring FameBit, has been seen as a tough completion to YouTube, but according to YouTube’s official Aerial Bardin that is not the case as creators will have a choice and the freedom to choose how they want to work with brands as there are several companies today that offer the same services. Aerial also mentioned that it is their hope that FameBit will create a general marketplace which will allow video creators of all sizes to connect with other brands, and also offer technology solutions for its clients as well as find market for their creators and brand partners.

Science Inc., which is a Los Angles backup studio is one of the FameBit’s sponsors. David Kierzkowski who is the Chief Executive Officer of FameBit mentioned that their organization was out to create a marketplace which will primarily be focusing on the long- and mid-tail-creators and their focus will not be on the big and famous YouTube stars who get more Views as well as attention on MCN’s.

In the announcement made by the Chief Executive Officer of FameBit Mr. David and his Co-founder Agnes Kozera, said that about 25000 video creators, as well as their brand partners, have been using their platform and that the company will now run as a “standalone operation.” The two official did not disclose their financial terms.

For a video to get more YouTube views, a creator can use the following tips.

Advice on how to Have More Video Views on YouTube

  1. Create video Content: this is one most crucial points that most of the video creators ignore. For your videos to get more views, one should create great content.
  1. Provide value: if a producer needs to provide value, they need to know about their target

audience. Know specifically what they want as well as what they like.

  1. Promote everywhere: just because one has the video on YouTube does not mean that everyone will view it, so it is important to expand it to every media platform.
  1. Build a subscriber base: to get a good number of opinion for the video it is advisable to grow subscribers, and this will happen as soon as the video is posted.

It is every video creator’s dream to have more views on their content, and one follows the simple steps it will be much easier than expected.

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