Services Offered By A Marine Plant Hire Company


Marine plants are mostly brought to use on offshore oil rigs or any other kind of project in the ocean. There are several companies these days who offers marine plant hire services wherein the people hiring it get access to a plethora of marine plants including boats, vessels and barges as well as generators and marine welders. Barges are actually an effective and economical way for transportation of heavy goods across the water body. They have a low cost of operation and large capacity for carrying goods.

There are special kind of barges like crane barge which is used specifically for the transportation of cranes. Other kinds include multi-cat barge and flat top barge. Other than this, people can also get to access to vessels and marine boats including rescue and crew boats, survey boats, tug boat, platform supply vessels and many such other kinds are easily available.

Listed below are a few of the services provided by the marine plant hire services.

Flexibility – As a rather agile business, the companies who offer these kinds of services respond quickly to the needs of the clients and their evolving projects. This means that these companies would adjust to the growing demand of the clients and work accordingly. Anything you need, you just need to inform them about it and they would adjust according to it.

Risk Management – The companies who provide these marine plants on hire are positioned uniquely to work with the clients and manage and share all the risks of the rather challenging marine environments by offering excellent solutions and services. They are sufficiently capable of managing everything in an efficient way.

Emergency Response – Experience in responding to emergency works makes the marine plant hire companies much favored and a valuable partner for any undertaken project.

Skilled Team – The marine barges and vessels are operated by a team of highly skilled experts which would give you a peace of mind when the goods are in transit. The people who handle these barges and vessels have received extensive training over a long period of time. This ensures that you get an expert and industry leading service each time.

Assurance of Safety – When you opt for marine plant hire services, you can be absolutely assured of the quality. Most of the companies use operations and equipment that are IJUBOA accredited and are operated under class or follow the Work Boat Code of MCA. These companies also have ISO 9001, 18001 & 14001 systems in the place.

As the demand for these services increases, these companies drive innovation in such solutions and also boast of a wide range of state-of-art equipment which is perfect to cater to the needs and the demands of the clients. The skilled teams of these companies are commercially well aware and know and understand the commercial impacts and weather risks which they pose. It is for this reason that they approach each of the projects accordingly so that the risks can be minimized. The dedicated, highly skilled and experienced and committed investigation team manages the operations of each project efficiently.

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