Shopping for Rescue Equipment in Norway


Regardless of whether you are visiting Norway or you are based here, there is the need to have comprehensive rescue equipment that you can rely on. This includes systems to help with “man overboard” recovery missions. Since there is so much water surrounding the country, rescue missions are quite common.

Choosing a reliable manufacturer and distributor in Norway is critical. You want to make sure that you have modern equipment that helps you conduct a rescue and recovery mission quickly and safely. Fortunately, there are a few companies that you can shop from with confidence.


Dacon is a comprehensive company that offers a wide array of products for the Norwegian market. You will be able to find maritime rescue equipment – and they have been innovative in their development and manufacturing of equipment for over 30 years. They specialize in man-overboard recovery systems that can be used by vessels all over the world.

In addition to rescue equipment, Dacon is also an exclusive importer of various brands that focus on diving and underwater technologies. This can help to provide even more support during a maritime rescue, particularly if various items must be recovered from deeper waters.

Beyond equipment for rescue missions, the company also offers inspection equipment as well as lights and PeliCases. The Norwegian importer has focused to offer comprehensive solutions and believes having the best makes all the difference in the workplace.

Certex Norway

Certex Norway is a lifting solutions group that is part of Axel Johnson International. They are a leading provider of steel wire rope and lifting products for a number of different purposes. The company has ISO-9011 and ISO-14001 certifications to show that they offer quality environments. Chains and components can be used to lower and raise things from the water. Fall arrest equipment can be used as personal protective equipment to avoid “man overboard” situations, too.

Beyond providing products and accessories, the company is also dedicated to educating the various industries on how to work safely and effectively. As such, they offer a number of webinars.

Sealift Systems AS

Sealift Systems AS is based in Norway and offers both cradle and hydraulic lifts. Rescue equipment at sea is a top concern for the company, and they make it safer to conduct the necessary rescue missions. They have trademarked the Sealift Rescue Method, which uses technology that has been specially created to withstand rough climate and weather conditions. The goal is to offer a gentle extraction while ensuring that the rescue crew maintains their safety at the same time.

Products offered by Sealift Systems AS include Sealift Rescue, Sealift Quaylift, and an array of Sealift workboats. The Sealift FEB is also utilized for passenger boats wind farm vessels, and catamarans.

Drew Marine

Drew Marine offers technical maritime services to help fleets that operate not only in Norway but all over the world. The company has extensive knowledge of the maritime industry in order to guide you on the various technologies that can benefit you. They pride themselves on learning about new product launches – and various events are offered throughout the year for educational purposes.

Drew Marine works with expert service engineers and can deliver to over 900 ports. There are cost-effective solutions and quality products to help not only with search and recovery but also cargo hold solutions, fuel management solutions, and more.


VIKING Life-Saving Equipment covers a number of different industries. This allows you to find the equipment that you need regardless of whether you are in commercial shipping, offshore energy, cruise and ferry travel, defense, or even more leisurely maritime activities such as fishing and yachting.

A wide array of products is offered including personal protective gear, evacuation systems, and lifeboats. The company stands out because they work carefully to offer safety measures to help with management as well as safety on call. A network of products is also available so you can get everything you need in one place.

How to Effectively Shop

When you are in the market for specific rescue equipment, it’s important to identify your needs. What industry are you in? What kind of waters will you be working in? Knowing more about the various situations where you might have to perform a maritime rescue will help you to list off the equipment you need.

Considering that the vendors in Norway can vary dramatically in terms of what they have to offer, it’s important that you do your due diligence. Research what each company has to offer so that you can be confident that you have what you need on board your vessel.

When in doubt, contact the companies directly so that you can tap into their assistance. Many times, they can ask questions and guide you to specific products that will benefit your operations. By having the right products, you can focus on safety at a higher level.

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