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Siapi is specialized in the production of a wide range of rubber, resin and vitrified binder grinding wheels including grinding mills, flat grinding, round grinding, available in all standard forms and – at the request of Customer – in special forms.

In order to produce a grinding wheel with a suitable application specification, an analysis of the production cycle is required to collect all the parameters of the machining. Only a after careful evaluation of them, we will be able to offer a product that will meet the specific needs of the customer.

For the correct design of the grinding wheel, if a visit by our technicians is not possible, the application form must be filled in to ensure that all necessary data is collected.

Siapi is a leader in the production of Single and double disk mills with embedded nuts. These are special mills used for single-faceted or double-faced tiling at the same time, without the use of single or double grinding machines.

Dice fastening is carried out in full compliance with all FEPA and international regulations and allows for both safe centering and fast removal for replacement of the consumed mills.

Siapi also proposes the addition of abrasives and agglomerates, to be chosen depending on your needs for customizing the purchase depending on how it will be used. The company has various types of mills and guides the customer towards the right choice, thanks in particular to the know-how achieved after many years of being in the industry – in order to find targeted solutions that can increase productivity, improve the obtained quality of the surfaces and reduce machine stopping times.

Grinding applications refer to various pieces such as pad rings, pins, plugs, connecting rods, washers, spring disks, brake discs, gear gears, chain links, compressor plates, key locks, magnets, cutting tools and parts of hydraulic pumps. For more details, you can contact the Siapi experts team.

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