Signs Of Lies And How To Detect The Same?

Lie Detector

We come across situations when someone lies to us and we do not come to know about this fact. This is a horrible affair that leads us to many awkward conditions that harm us in many ways. As such we should be careful about other persons that come in our contact.

Signs of lies – The following could be the signs associated with the liars that deceive us:

Lie Detector

  • Body Language – The person who is not speaking the truth will generally behave as under:
  • He or she will try to avoid making eye contact with you.
  • The physical expression of the liar will be decreased and become stiff with lesser arm and hand movements.
  • The liar’s hands may touch the face, mouth and throat. He or she may scratch the nose or behind the ear but may not do so as regards chest or heart with open hand.
  • Emotional gestures/expressions – The liar may behave as under as regards his or her emotional gestures:
  • The gestures and expression of the liar may not match his or her verbal statements.
  • Displaying the emotional gestures is delayed as far as a liar is concerned. Moreover the timing and period of emotional gestures becomes abnormal in the case of a liar. It may be of longer period.
  • A liar may limit his expressions to his or her mouth movements. We see that natural happiness involves the entire face including eyes, jaw, cheeks and forehead etc. But it is not so in the case of a liar who does not smile in natural manners.
  • Timing between emotional gestures and expressions is off as far as a liar is concerned.
  • Verbal context and content – The behavior of a liar can be changed as under:
  • The liar will generally use your words to answer your question.
  • The liar may sometimes avoid lying but reverting to indirect statements.
  • Generally the liar would speak in unnatural manners by adding unwanted words so that the listener is convinced.
  • The liars generally speak in monotonous tones.
  • The liars may use garbled words and speak in soft manners. The sentences may be muddled and not emphasized.
  • Interactions and reactions – Following are the usual signs associated with a liar that may be used for lie detection :
  • It is a fact that the persons speaking the truth are always offensive but the liar becomes defensive.
  • The liar may become uncomfortable with his questioner or accuser.
  • The liar may sometimes turn his head or body away.
  • He or she may place something like a book or cup between you and himself or herself.

Use of polygraphs known as lie detectors is usually made for lie detection purposes. This is much helpful in coming across the liars that get involved in not speaking the truth and deceive the people. These instruments may not be able to detect lies but they can certainly assess whether the concerned person is involved in a deceptive behavior. For more details visit here

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