So much to know about xCoins


What is xCoins actually? xCoins is one of the most effective and efficient lending platform where you can buy or sell bitcoins at a rate that you thing is good for you. It offers different forms of payments and in actual sense, some of the lenders are so flexible to an extent that they accept different methods of payments such as PayPal and other various methods of payments. Since PayPal is an internationally recognized form of payment, xCoins allows the use of bitcoins since it is the only way to offer quick and noncomplex payment services especially when a huge amount of money is involved.

The basics of xCoins

There are a number of basic concepts you need to be aware of as far as xCoins is concerned. Unlike other bitcoins offering platforms, xCoins is far much better since it offers loans depending on the asking amount. The asking amount is basically that amount which is expected to remain within the xCoins account as security. You will also be amazed to find out that with xCoins your loan request associated with buying and selling bitcoins will be processed within 3 hours depending on the suitability of time you make such a request. This is so convenient because it allows you to trade even after 3 hours of requesting. You must be aware of the fact that the process of signing up is similar to that of other platforms where you will be expected to verify various elements such as email, payment methods and other security requirements.

What is the external image of xCoins?

There is so much to know about xCoins as far as “what the people out there say about it”. With that, we need to ask ourselves the perception of xCoins. At first, some newbies expressed the fact that there were some faults associated with lending but with time the issue was resolved hence the services were customized to meet everyone’s expectations. On the other hand, there are a few bugs that you can meet when setting up cyrptocurrency accounts with xCoins. Now this will give you an upper hand. It the past people of the public complained of lack of communication where xCoins failed to set up a customer support platform meant for handling users complaints. In some instances withdrawals took a long time than expected while in some cases, the withdrawals were instant. Despite the fact that no explanations were made, the platform issues were finally resolved.

Safety about xCoins

Currently as at the time of this review xCoins offers the best support which is actually a 24 hour service and in case of any hitch you can just communicate and request for a resolution. On the other hand, it has employs 256-bit encryption and this has been handy during validation of security elements attached to the system. One has no reason to worry also because the platform is certified by GeoTrust certification. This means that it is indeed legit.

The most outstanding thing about xCoins is that it offers bitcoins loans unlike Coinbase where loans are not part of trading. This is what makes xCoins different.

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