Some Choices of Brokers with Welcome Bonus


Nowadays, there are many choices of brokerage companies. Broker and trading platforms are available and you are able to choose the one that is the most suitable for you. However, you should choose the company wisely and it is important to consider its legality and safety since there are still many uncertified brokers and trading platforms, and you should avoid them. Since there are many choices, each company tries to compete by providing advantages for the client. Bonus is one of them, and it is advantage that you may not want to miss. In this case, you can look for some certified brokers with welcome bonus. You will get the information and it will be useful references for you.

The bonus is surely interesting. The bonus will be money and most of the brokerage companies allow you to withdraw the bonus together with the money that you have gained and accumulated from trading. However, there are also some brokerage companies that do not allow you to withdraw the bonus so you should use it as if it is your capital or deposit. Regardless of these things, it is still beneficial to get the bonus. The bonus can be in a form of welcome bonus. There are also deposit bonuses that will be determined by the amount of your deposit. There are still other mechanisms to calculate the bonus and it depends on the regulation set by every brokerage companies.

As for the first recommendation, you can check FBS. Basically, it can be said that FBS does not specify types of bonus. In this case, the bonus is also still kind of possibility so there is chance where you can get it directly after following the process, but there is also chance where you cannot get it or have to wait for longer period of time. In this case, FBS can provide bonus up to $140. You can get the chance by opening the account. It must be the MT5 account. Once you get the account, you can make request for the bonus and later you can see the result of your requests in your account.

Next, there is XM. In this case, XM already states that you are able to get the welcome bonus. The welcome bonus is quite high and it depends on your deposit. There is no specific rate of the bonus, but the company states that it is possible to get 100% bonus up to $5000. As for the requirement, you need to firstly open an account in XM. After that, you need to make your first deposit. The minimum deposit is $5 and you can still make deposit of bigger amount since there is no limit regarding the maximum bonus. Later, the bonus will be determined and calculated after the deposit. There is also additional chance where you can get $10 from trading at least 1 lot.

Third option is Avatrade. In Avatrade, there is welcome bonus for you. However, this bonus is only available to non-EU clients. To get the bonus, it is quite similar to other brokerage companies. You need to open account in Avatrade. After that, you need to deposit $1000. After that, you will get the bonus and it is 20% of your deposited funds. Although the requirement is quite high since you need to deposit certain amount of money, but the bonus rate is also quite high so it still can be considered beneficial.

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