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Start Up Advice for Commercial Catering


The time is definitely right to think about opening a restaurant or takeaway venue, and if you happen to live in Australia, there will be a lot of competition. The Australians love to dine out, and with a range of cuisines, including many Asian variations, you are spoiled for choice. Once you have decided on your particular speciality, you will need to source the right venue, and location is everything, by the way.

Sourcing the Right Equipment

Once the kitchen is designed, you will need to source a reliable supplier, and if you are based in Australia, Butler Equipment would be the obvious choice, with an impressive range of all types of catering equipment, at affordable prices. The added benefits of dealing with a market leader include the nationwide delivery services, which is part of the service.

Rental Options

You might not have the capital to go for a brand new kitchen, and fortunately, there are rental options that can really help if your start up budget is on the low side. This could be a way to start out with a fully equipped kitchen, and after a while, you can invest in purchasing, if things go as planned.

Finance Options

You might prefer to buy your kitchen on finance, and typically, you would be offered a 12 month contract, which allows you to try before you buy, and with several options at the end of the term, you have more options on how best to continue. Butler Equipment are suppliers of all the quality brands, and are the people to talk to when designing your kitchen, as they would be able to supply everything you needed.

Refurbished Items

A company as large as Butler Equipment would have a stock of refurbished appliances and units, either reclaimed from failing businesses or as a result of an upgrade. The units are meticulously stripped down and reassembled, providing a cost effective way to create a new kitchen. The ideal thing to do is talk to the right company during the planning stages, which enables you to set your budget and then plan accordingly. If you have a single company that is handling the kitchen, that takes a lot of strain from you, the owner, and with nationwide delivery, you can be sure the start up deadline will be met.

Kitchen Design

When starting a commercial cooking enterprise, whether it be in the retail food industry, or working as an essential service for large factories, it is important to get your kitchen design right, as this will determine the overall efficiency. The kitchen is the heart of the business, and it should be able to deal with the rush periods, without a problem,  and by using top quality kitchen equipment, you can be sure that your staff have all the necessary tools to create the perfect meal, time after time.

Your menu must be suitable and with the right level of service and a prime location, there is no reason why any food business cannot be successful.

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