Steve Silvers On Qualities Needed By Modern Day Business Leaders


Steve Silvers has stated many business qualities that are needed by executives and CEOs. These qualities are indispensable from a business point of view. The modern-day business does give importance to technical knowledge, but there are cases in which other qualities do come to fore.

Steve Silvers on qualities needed in business leaders

Leadership is a quality that is needed for everyone in business, and there will be a more scrutiny on an ability to lead a team and the ability to be a team player without shedding responsibilities.

Leadership quality that is of paramount importance in a modern arena is the inspirational leadership, and it should be more of taking-charge leadership believes Steve Silvers. There would be respected further, and there would be trust building.

Strategic leadership and ethical leadership has become a norm in modern arenas, and there are demands for visionary leadership. The role of leadership would be in tune with the mission and vision of the company.

Higher growth and taking on competitors head-on would require taking charge leadership. Strategic thinking is another area that is wanted on a global basis, and there would be a need for setting the direction. There will be a need for integrated leadership who can set the company vision, and as expected it should set the tone for business growth. The operation savvy will help business to grow.

Technological changes and other changes in modern day arena

Modern day business is growing at faster pace, and there is enough technological advancement that is happening. The growth of mobiles, computers and internet is happening at a quick pace and modern day business executives and leaders should be well, versed in that.

Organizations are looking at ways to exploit technology, and there are needs for financial acumen and other functional areas acumen as one company cannot survive on one style of functioning.

Relationship building is an area that needs more emphasis on modern day times. There are intense competitions, and the concept of consumer loyalty is fast changing. Consumers need not visit the stores physically, and they can purchase items online, and this would mean more intense steps to have a close bonding with consumers.

Communication and presentation skills are needed in large numbers in a modern arena to succeed in business. The reason is that every business in an industry will be vying with each other to gain market share and the leader should be able to motivate the workforce to scale new heights. For this, good communication is needed, and there are chances that when a false communication tales place the company loses track and steam.

There are times when a leader will have to take responsibility for a company blemish and will have to communicate with media and other concerned customers. The leader will have to ensure that proper sentiments are understood, and things are on the right path.

Shareholders and government will need presentation from the company feel Steve Silvers , and some people would be looking to the company to bring change to the system, and they will feel a spark when company top leadership reacts to the industry changes.,

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