Storage Crates in Its Most Modern Form


Crates have always been in use throughout the centuries. Many have used such storage devices to store and transport goods, materials, foods and fragile items. Creates often would be subject to wear and tear during heavy duty transportation works. While crates are made of different sizes and shapes and most importantly, you need to consider the materials of these storage crates during your purchase. Crates can be made up of plastic, wood, metals or other substances that are durable and can contain weight during transportation. On the whole when the word crate is used, it more often than not refers to a large container used for the purpose of storage.

Application of crates

  • Crates are used for various storage purposes. Plastic crates are used in numerous areas. These are generally produced in smaller sizes and the use of such crates can be versatile in nature. In a factory plastic storage crates are to stock up inventory items or to carry goods for a short distance inside a factory floor and you can also store small tools and spare parts in these plastic crates.
  • Wooden creates are the most common and can be used for multiple purposes. Although at times it can get confusing between a wooden crate and a box, it should be noticed that the box is a simple container, while a crate is reinforced to enhance the strength of the container.
  • There are numerous designs of a crate and the simplest ones are the open, closed or the framed crates. Hence these types of crates can carry heavy loads and be used for transportation of equipment. With a top lid these will keep the items being transported safe too. In this case, if you want to transport goods to some international location then you must maintain the custom rules.

Plastic Crates characteristics  

Plastic storage crates are easily portable when compared with other materials that are used to make creates. These are lighter in weight and are less dense too, making a crate more flexible and easily portable. Plastic creates also seem to have longer life, by nature plastic does not corrode so easily and they cannot get affected by water and chemicals. They have wonderful rust resistant power and they can keep your food items fresh for a longer time. If in contact with chemicals that may react with plastic, it can be easily washed or cleaned with the help of a cloth. Plastic storage crates or containers need relatively lesser maintenance too, the fact that it does not bend or rust when exposed to external climate and seasons.

Dos and Don’ts 

  • Depending upon the application there is going to be the need to order either plastic, wooden or metal crates. Since the common of them all is that of plastic, it is vital to keep in mind that while one would like to place order for
  • This is due to the fact that larger volumes of product will bring down the cost of production and hence will benefit the buyer. Color coding is yet another thing that could be used to benefit an organization, if there is going to be a specific use for the storage crates, then having the crates in a variety of color to denote something is going to be helpful.
  • Such as denoting spares for a particular section of a workshop, or spares for a particular machine in the production unit. Wooden and metal crates will need better planning, since they are not easily available off the shelf and need good workmanship to construct these storage crates.

Now you need to decide that what type of storage crates you need and in this case, you can also customize these crates as per your product dimension.

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