Technical Apparel for the Athletic Life


Kit and Ace, fashion clothing company that has experienced rapid growth in just 19 months with 700 workers and more than 60 stores situated in 5 countries around the world. Our growth starts from senior executives to entry-level staffs too.

This company was established by the Wilson family, which also founded Lululemon Athletica Inc. then expanded the yoga-wear in more than 100 stores and stands as a multibillion-dollar company in the market.

Kit and Ace is also called technical apparel brand revolutionized company when it comes to clothing. Our company takes the attire principles through the athletic apparel and technical fabrics aspects in mind while designing the clothes for outside life.

Initial days of Kit and Ace

In the year 2014, Shannon Wilson wife of Chip Wilson started the company Kit and Ace along with JJ Wilson. Keeping few things in mind we started the company that designs the athletic clothes with innovation. We all sweat every day and certain clothing might be quite irritating to wear, so it doesn’t mean you switch to the track pants. Like how you adore the fashion even we do, so we design gym clothes that suit everywhere.

What’s our motto?

Keeping the fact in mind we created Kit and Ace and to the people who love to understand and love the performance of the technical clothing that comes in style. We have a belief that what you wear that affects your day and sometimes it can hold you back and keeps you moving. It’s not just about the gym; you need the functionality and performance of the attire you wear.

We’re trained to design the clothes with the technical aspects that go with the attires that you love to wear and you can wash repeatedly that stands to the fullest. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a bike to your office or playing a pickup game, our clothes make you stand out in a unique style.

How are the clothes designed?

Our testing grounds are different, we make sure to research the clothing material we use that’s suitable for surfing, skating, and snowboard activities. However, this is a perfect challenge to create the attires that fit from bike to boardroom, the seaside to a sidewalk, and museum to a mountaintop. Our clothing looks elegant and moves with your every step in fashion.

Designing is all we think about . . .

We believe in future and we don’t pause and take a time to look back, and our dedicated team loves to push the boundaries to innovate the next move in designing new approach and designs. Technical strategies to design the fabric run in our blood and our performance is creating the design starts with the engineered fabric.

Our exclusive fabric team brings the technical properties to the principled fibers which are called Technical Cashmere. We never stop improving the fabrics and add functional details, such as breathability, venting, stain shield technology, shrink integrity, meticulous Italian tailoring, and performance trims.

Our inspiration is our enthusiastic team

Our team consists of dedicated designers, scientists, and engineers who’re committed to the particular research, iteration, and testing purposes. It’s our privilege that making us reach height is because of our advisor Chip Wilson, who is known for the best innovator in the discovering the athletic clothing that stands out in style.

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