Tekcel CNC Router


The CNC router machine is a popular and efficient piece of equipment for metal fabrication used across many industries and for many projects every day. Virtually anything that requires design or layout entails some form of CNC cutting machine with large or small amounts of metal and plastic parts being used for anything from automobiles, computers and mobile phones right through to zoo enclosures.

Everyday manufacturing components generated with the CNC cutting machine goes right back to the 1960s and has gained in popularity due to its precise, high-speed activities, expedited production and personalisation within industries including aerospace, automotive, agriculture, dentistry and electronics.

Tekcel has more than 20 years of innovative CNC cutting solutions for industries including Sign making, Graphics & Print Finishing, Cabinetry, Woodworking, Plastic Fabrication, Metal Fabrication, Boat Building, Set / Prop Making, Packaging, Solid Surface and more.


The CNC cutting machine stands for Computer-Numerical Control. The computerised routing machine process automatically and precisely runs-off components including turrets, routers, grinders, shapers, mills and more. In contrast to hand-operation, the CNC router machine has a much faster turn-around time and provides for an incredibly specific level of production while using a number of axis to accomplish multiple tasks at once.

The brains behind the CNC cutting machine brains lies in a console and configured with “G-code” created especially for CNC routing. The code consists of aspects that make it possible for ultimate control over feed rate, coordination, speed and position. The code likewise produces incredibly exact and consistent parts. This enables the CNC cutting machine to frequently undertake the job of lathes, routers, mills and grinders, as well as flexing, forming, transforming and more.


There are many advantages of Tekcel CNC machining as mentioned already but the main benefits includes:

  • Speed of production
  • Precision and consistency
  • Accepts layout and specification information from industry standard CAD/CAM software
  • Works continually to ensure the job gets completed by the required deadline
  • Updates immediately for most current and capable programmes.
  • Less manpower thus saving in human resource costs, sick pay, annual leave etc
  • Needs little upkeep with the exception of new cutting appliances
  • Capability to do more than the most proficient engineer and the most imaginative machine
  • Simplifies and produces any type of form, dimension or specific placement
  • Use – you can use the CNC machining on materials including aluminium, carbon, steel, wood, plastic, precious metals, brass, polycarbonate and synthetics
  • Applications – Whether your client wants fittings, contouring, spacers, texturing, inscription. bushings, shafts, manifolds, dies, fixtures, CNC routing can perform it all
  • Multi-axis machining requirements are effortless for the CNC machine as it incorporates plasma and laser cutting technology with ease
  • Choice – You can choose from a variety of time saving features such as automated tool changing and multi-bore drill banks
  • Ease – Tekcel CNC routers can load sheet material and unload the processed parts off the bed automatically

In short, not only performs in all kinds of environments, it boosts business’s total bottom line by doing the job faster and a lot more easily than any other method.

Tekcel is the number one for CNCrouting, Perth. Designed and built in Australia, Tekcel has more than 20 years of innovative CNC cutting solutions for multiple industries and we are a known, well respected company trusted to tailor a CNC routing machine to meet the demands of your business and your budget.

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