The 4 Biggest Crowdfunding Successes


Kickstarter and it’s ilk have revolutionised investment, especially for creative projects and high tech innovation. This could be the way you’ve been looking for to expand your business and build your profile at the same time (though do take legal advice first, to make sure it’s right for your business). Let’s get inspired with some of the most exciting successes in Crowdfunding.


While sounding initially exciting, Skarp’s Laser Razor has run into some delays that have worried backers, and the Occulus Rift might have raised nearly two and a half million dollars and made fans of the Matrix’ virtual reality dreams come true but it’s also given countless people attacks of crippling nausea.  Neither of these are worthy of our technology crown, which goes to the Pebble Time Watch. The product, which raised over twenty million dollars on Kickstarter, is a canny combination of existing technologies to make a smart watch that beats Apple at its own game, is compatible across platforms and is even waterproof.


Vincent Regan successfully raised more than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to film a version of Scottish Play called Enemy of Man, with interest from Sean Bean, Rupert Grint and Charles Dance. Unfortunately, Hollywood got there first with an even bigger budget, even starrier version, with Michael Fassbender as Macbeth, so Enemy of Man can’t be our Kickstarter King or Queen.

The most defining force in crowdfunding culture is undoubtedly Amanda Palmer, who funded an album through Kickstarter that allowed her complete creative control and was bigger and more successful than any of her previous work. After Grand Theft Orchestra was released, she wrote a book about the experience and her career called The Art of Asking, and currently has a Patreon allowing her to claim nearly forty thousand dollars per piece she releases to her community. If you are an artist, writer, musician or creative looking at crowdfunding, she is an inspiration.


Videogames are hugely successful on crowdfunding websites, perhaps because their market is tech savvy and online by nature. The most successfully crowdfunded videogame, but financially and in terms of sheer vision is without a doubt Star Citizen, which has raised more than one hundred and thirty eight million dollars on the promise of an open sci-fi universe in which gamers can travel, trade and battle.

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