The Benefits of Recycling Cardboard Boxes


In school, we are often tasked to recycle plastic bottles, papers and more. We segregate biodegradable items from non-biodegradable. There are even states that have strict rules with regards to recycling. As an avid recycler myself, I always see to it that I can be able to help the environment in a way or another.

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Practice recycling

There are a lot of practices we can incorporate in order to make recycling very easy. For one, make sure to have a separate bin and sort garbage accordingly. We can also make use of paper instead of using plastic every time we go out for groceries and in the supermarkets. The key here is to make that the garbage input is manageable so throwing it after would be made easy.

In spite of many recycling efforts, there is still one area in which recycling is not familiar. And this is with regards to cardboard boxes. We don’t usually see boxes in recycling bins, instead, we have papers. These boxes are made of durable and high-quality materials. Although these are biodegradable since this is made of paper, this will still take a long time to be dissolved in the soil. Furthermore, throwing these in landfills can take much space because of how big the sizes of these boxes are.

The solution that comes to mind in order to lessen waste of these boxes would be to recycle it.

There are varied ways to recycle the cardboard box. Since these are made of durable materials, we can use these over and over again for storage. Many individuals love these boxes to store items like clothes and toys. These boxes are usually set aside in garage or in the attic. For offices, they usually stack these boxes containing papers that are no longer use. The good thing about these boxes is that it can really last for a long time. Just make sure that water and dew will not meet with the package as this can deteriorate its quality.

Recycle old boxes

There are many benefits of recycling these old boxes. For one, you are helping the environment in minimizing carbon footprint. You are also helping the landfill not to have these bulky pieces. The main advantage really is with regards to nature.

The good news is, you can be able to help the environment while earning at the same time. Yes, you read that right. You can get money out of these old boxes. You might ask how? The solution is to sell to third-party companies that have a need for these boxes. A good example is The Gaylord Box Exchange. They specialize in buying and also selling these boxes from individuals. The price of each box is dependent on its size. The more pieces you have and the larger these cardboard boxes are, the more money you can be able to get. In return, these boxes are sold to individuals that might need it. Typical examples are families who are considering moving, office staffs that need to move stuff and even business owners that will use these boxes for shipment. This is most definitely a win-win solution for one who wants to help the environment and earn money on the side.

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