The Economics of Heating Oil


There are many different ways to heat your home or your business. Electricity is a common one, for an electric heating system will reliably turn on and off with very little work from you. Electricity is unreliable in many cases since you have to put your faith in the local or municipal electricity system. If your power goes out at any point, you could lose the ability to heat your home, which can be incredibly difficult in winter storms that result in plummeting temperatures. In other cases, natural gas is used. Natural gas still has to come from a municipal source, and is often turned off during drastic weather events.

If you need the most reliable heating system, you need to consider fuel oil. A fuel oil system relies on a fuel oil furnace that is usually connected to a boiler.

Connected to a Boiler

One of the most common and effective ways to use fuel oil to heat your house is to connect it to a boiler that will heat up water. That boiling water will then travel through your pipes. As it travels through the pipes, it will heat up the walls. Furthermore, the pipes are often exposed inside the rooms in the form of radiators. This is an effective and efficient way to keep your home heated. However, fuel oil tends to vary in price. As a commodity, the price of oil will fluctuate throughout the year based on demand as well as supply. On the other hand, you can save a lot of money by saving up fuel oil. Unlike electricity or natural gas, you can store a supply of fuel oil.

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Radiant Heating

One of the ways you can save money besides just saving up fuel oil that you bought at a good price is to change the way you heat your home. A typical oil and boiler system has radiators on the walls. However, since heat radiates upward, a lot of that heat just goes to the ceiling instead of towards you and your furniture. Since air is a very poor insulator, a lot of heat is wasted. Therefore, you have to run your heater more than you should. You can reduce this problem and save a lot of money by heating your home from the floor.

If you install the pipes full of boiling water in the floor, the heat will radiate upwards, which means it will soak into the floor, into your furniture, and into you. The material of the floor and your furniture is much more insulating than the air. You won’t have wasted heat since it will pass past you as it radiates upwards. Also, you won’t have wasted heat because the heat will absorb into the floor.

You will save a lot of money on your heating costs. You’ll be able to use far less fuel to keep your home warm.

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