The Economics of Hiring Professional Cleaners


When you are running a small business, managing a school, a gym, or any other type of organisation, you need to keep the premises clean. Keeping the area clean enhances safety, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction. A dirty workspace can be dangerous; it can also simply be uncomfortable. You can clean it yourself, have your employees clean it, or hire professional cleaners to do the job for you. If you’re like most small businesses or schools, you’re trying to keep your budget as small as possible. That means you will probably skip the professional cleaners. That’s a mistake, though. Professional cleaners are not as expensive as you might think. In fact, they might save you some money. Here is how they can do just that.

The Employee Paradox

First of all, having your employees clean the office or workspace is not without cost. The employees are paid to be at work and do a specific job. When you make them clean the space, they are not doing the work for which they are being paid to do. That means you are paying them to clean. Furthermore, you need to then pay them more or pay someone else to do the job for which they were hired to do.

Secondly, your employees do not have the skills or the tools to clean as effectively as professionals. Professional cleaners, such as the experts at Vapor Clean, have professional tools and chemicals that allow them to clean very efficiently. They have experience and a high level of skill. That means they’ll clean not only deeper, but more quickly. You would end up paying your employees to work for longer than the professionals to do on a job that they do not even do as well.

Maintenance or a One-Off?

You have a couple of options for hiring cleaners. You can hire them for maintenance cleanings or for a one-off cleaning. A one-off might be an especially deep clean before some kind of open house or before you move out of your space. It’s a deep clean that is not repeated often. You could also hire professionals for maintenance cleanings. Maintenance cleaning can be beneficial for a lot of reasons. For one, you’ll save some money in the long run.

You can save money with maintenance cleanings because the professionals will be able to keep your workspace relatively clean at all times. It is much easier and much faster to clean up one weeks’ worth of mess than it is to clean up one years’ worth. You should work out a schedule with the professional cleaners to see when you would need them to come in.

A kitchen, for example, might want cleaners to come every week. Grease and grime tend to build up in kitchens on hoods and extractors. If you let it build up, these appliances will be much more difficult to clean. An office, on the other hand, might only want to have cleaners come around once a month. Offices aren’t particularly dirty and having your employees pick up after themselves will greatly reduce any messes that might occur.

The point to keep in mind is that cleanings are never free. If you’re going to pay for a cleaning anyway, you might as well pay the experts.

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