The Effectiveness of Printed Marketing Tools for Small Businesses


With the drastic advancements in the field of digital technology, online marketing has become one of the main components of the advertising strategy of businesses. However, you must not forget that even in the digital world that we live in, print marketing holds a special position when it comes to holding the attention of the customers and increasing brand awareness.

Reasons Why Print Marketing Is Still Relevant

If you sit down to think about it, you will realize that there are hardly any businesses who don’t use print marketing, regardless of the proportion of digital print and marketing strategies. You may routinely receive postcards or flyers mailed to you directly or come across vinyl signs and banners every day. Despite the fear that print is declining in the digital world, it is actually used by all small businesses as well as multinational corporations. If you are the owner of a local business and want to design an effective marketing strategy, here are few reasons why print marketing will be helpful to you:

  • Print allows you to review how exactly your logo or visual design translates into the real world. While it may look good on the computer screen when it is being design, print makes it possible to review it in ink and paper.
  • The effectiveness of print marketing is actually a morale booster as it shows what your actual worth is even if you don’t have the digital crutch to fall back on. Successful businesses can easily make their products and services look desirable without the use of clickable components or animations.
  • The personal factor in print marketing is something that cannot be overcome by digital advertising. Printed items are something that give your customers a physical connection with your business and helps you look more personable. You can introduce a variety of features on the printed marketing tool for this effect such as handwritten notes or a picture of the owner.
  • Lastly, hot print is capable of engaging more senses than any digital media can. This makes it more memorable and gives it a recall value. The customers can feel and smell the paper and hence feel a connection with you that they can’t through digital media.

Print Can Also Boost Your E-Commerce

You may think that print media is only used for boosting sales at the local store but this is not true. More and more small businesses now have e-commerce sites and a great way to promote their services is through print media. There are several large online companies that use this technique to inform the potential customers of their new stocks or improved services through the help of catalogues and flyers. Catalogues are a great way to advertise products which the customer can note and later search online. There are some apps available now that allow the customers to scan the items on the catalogue with their phones and automatically search them online. This has shown results in driving huge profits for online businesses and offers a convenient browsing option.

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