The Efficiency of Aluminium Windows and Doors


You’ve seen a tonne of home renovation shows on television before and now it’s time for you to begin your new home aesthetic journey! Instead of heading to your local home supply store, you should strongly consider other material options when it comes to doors and windows. Straying away from the typical wooden material may benefit you in more ways than one while keeping a few pounds in your pocket.

Energy Efficiency in Aluminium Windows

There are other options for windows and doors like uPVC and your typical wood, but aluminium takes the cake when it comes to heat loss and gain. Because of the material, heat loss and gain can improve upwards of 60% by incorporating aluminium. Not only does this keep the temperature within the home optimal, but the atmosphere isn’t sucking the money out of your pockets.

Lixil also provides Tostem Aluminium in Thailand that reduces your carbon footprint. The production that goes into aluminium windows and doors is far less complex than the production of double-glazed windows. Aluminium can take three times less energy and chemicals to produce, leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the world.

Warmer climates can also see 300-fold savings over the lifespan of the aluminium product. This is due to electrical cooling and heating products versus your old fashioned oil or gas. Even when using traditionally operated methods, you could still save up to 100 times the energy. Because the equipment doesn’t have to work so hard, you save money and have a better impact on the environment.

Low Maintenance, No Corrosion

Aluminium doors and windows have anti-corrosion chemicals infused into the final product. This allows it to be resistant towards harsh weather conditions. If you’re familiar with timber, you know that certain temperatures and weather types can cause swelling, cracking and rot. With aluminium, these reactions aren’t something to expect. This allows their durability rating to be much higher than traditional materials.

After aluminium is installed by Tostem, you don’t have to worry about it ever again. This material not only saves money now, but keeps your wallet in mind for later. To add a bit of spice, there are different designs and finishes to truly seal the deal. The payback period for aluminium windows and doors is extremely short versus their tough timber competitor.

Beyond Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is a key selling point for any product in the home renovation market. Beyond energy efficiency, aluminium doors and windows are easily recyclable, leaving an even less harsh impact on the environment. Because the material is environmentally sustainable, it takes less than 5% of the production energy to recycle.

Pitter Patter No More

In days gone by, when someone thought of aluminium roofing or other home renovation products, he or she would think of the loud pitter patter that comes along with them. Fortunately, modern design has allowed aluminium to be infused with other products to reduce noise and keep the final product energy efficient. Keep perfect temperatures in and loud noise out when you choose the finest aluminium products on the market.

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