The Secret Of Choosing The Best Forklift Rental In Charleston


Choosing forklift rental is equally important to other works in a warehouse or factory workplace. There are various categories of weights or loads, which need to be carried across different locations for production. Without forklift rentals, it becomes troublesome to carry the heavy equipment, tools, and other loads, enhancing productivity. As it involves a lot of safety and security in the workplace, you need to choose the right rentals for a forklift. Here are some points which you can consider whilst pick the best rental.

What is the load capacity?

If you choose a high-powered truck that cannot carry the weight you required, it will be a bad investment. You need to find a forklift rental that can lift a maximum capacity more than it’s required in the workplace. Moreover, it is also essential to find out the average weight of the load, its width, and the kind of stock the operator will be handling. Additionally, the kind of load must be taken into consideration. For the best outcome, you can reach out to Charleston forklift rentals.

What is the height of the load?

Do you know that the load’s height affects the truck’s capacity? The height of the load will help you to determine the kind of forklift you need. Any average forklift can carry a weight between 8 feet to 20 feet, but there are trucks that can carry loads more than these heights. When you are choosing forklift rentals, make sure that you know the height of the stock and other restrictions if the truck has to follow.

What is the type of fuel?

You will get two fuel options in a forklift: internal combustion and electric

In internal combustion, diesel, LPG, gasoline, or CNG are used. A forklift that runs in internal combustion, can carry a great capacity of weight and can be fueled again on the way. The bonus is that you can fit weights that are more than 35 feet.

In comparison to this, electric forklifts work on lead-acid batteries and you can use it continuously for 6 hours straight. The main perks of using this category of units are that it has no emissions, meant to be used indoors, and highly economical. You may have to invest a lot in an electric forklift, but it can be used for the long-term.

What are the tire options?

Cushion tires, solid tires, and pneumatic tires are the three categories of tires available. The cushion tires are built with strong rubber, providing high maneuverability. These are less expensive and made to be used for indoor purposes. On the other hand, the pneumatic tires are meant for outdoor operation. Made for heavy-lifting, these tires have great length, width and are loaded with compressed air. Solid tires stand by their name and are almost indestructible. They are highly durable and costly.

These are a few things you need to keep in mind whilst picking Charleston forklift rentalsAlmost all forklifts are rented to reduce the production cost of a factory. Make sure that the right forklift model needs to align with the work done in the warehouse center.


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