The Steps Involved In Writing A Good And Interesting Descriptive Essay


Descriptive essays involve a detailed description of persons, objects, places or situations. Good descriptive essays aim at creating vivid experiences for readers and use detailed descriptions and observations for creating the effect. In a descriptive essay, language is employed to bring the subject of the essay to life. Writing descriptive essays involves a lot of creativity and effort. It hence often proves to be a complex task.

Factors to consider while writing descriptive essays

While attempting to write descriptive essays, it is advisable to consider the following factors:

Prewriting the essay

Prewriting involves planning the essay. Planning beforehand may yield good quality essays. In the prewriting stage, the focus is on two major aspects. These include:

  • The person, place or object to be described.
  • The reason for which the essay is being written.

Before writing the essay, it is important to identify the subject of description. The subject may be an object, experience, memory, place, or person. The second important aspect is identifying the reason for which the essay is being written. Identifying the reason and the motive behind writing the essay can help in choosing the appropriate emotion to be conveyed and the language to be used.

Writing the descriptive essay

Writing descriptive essays can prove to be a complex task. While writing such essays, it is advisable to follow the outline. In order to write interesting descriptive essays, it is advisable to focus on making the readers feel what is written rather than simply telling or narrating about a particular person, incident, or experience. The essays which are loaded with emotions and compel the readers to experience or imagine the words written are the ones that are the most interesting.

In order to ensure reader engagement, it is advisable to focus on senses like taste, touch, smell, sound, and sight. However, if you desire quality and creative content, it is advisable to hire professional writers from The professional writers are experienced and well versed in the art of writing descriptive essays and can hence deliver quality content.

Editing ad revising the essay

In the final stage, the writers proofread the essay to make corrections related to the content, language, and grammar. The essay may be edited in order to improve the clarity and style. It is also advisable to check whether all relevant details are included in the essay in order to make the description vivid.

Minor details which may have been left out may be added during this final stage. While revising the essay, it is also advisable to ensure that different paragraphs are arranged in an orderly manner. Ensuring that every paragraph in the essay conveys or focuses on a different aspect or emotion is also important.

Revising the essay often proves to be a time consuming and complex task. This is the reason why most people nowadays hire professional writers for writing descriptive essays.

Well written descriptive essays are a reader’s delight. However, writing them involves a considerable amount of effort and time. Professional writers may be hired for writing good descriptive essays.

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