The working of Pipeline Pigging companies USA


A form of flow assurance for oil and gas pipelines and flowlines, pipeline pigging the line is running smoothly. It is used as a maintenance tool, pipeline pigs are introduced into the line via a pig trap, which includes a launcher and receiver.

How Pipeline Pigging Companies USA work –
In a Pipeline Pigging Companies USA, the engineers need to consider a number of criteria and follow them when selecting the proper pig for a pipeline. Initially, it’s important to understand what task the pig will be performing. Secondly, the size and operating conditions are important which should be taken care of. Lastly, we need to look at the pipeline layout which is integral to consider when choosing a pig because every pipeline is different. The amount of wear and tear on the pipeline can increase the frequency of pigging. Today, pipeline pigging is used during all phases of the life of pipes.

In a pipeline pigging companies USA, while building up the company can cause transmittal slows or even plug of the pipeline, cracks or flaws in the line can be disastrous. As a maintenance tool, pipeline pigs are introduced into the line. Without disturbing flow the flow of the material present inside the pipe, the pig is then forced through it by product flow, or it can be towed by another device or cable. Generally, cylindrical or spherical, pigs are used to sweep the line by scraping the sides of the pipeline and pushing debris ahead. As the pig travels along the pipeline along with the material, there are a number functions the pig can perform, from clearing the line to inspecting the interior.

There lies the two main hypotheses for why the process of the maintenance is called pipeline pigging, although neither has been proved but still a theory logic is that pig stands for Pipeline Intervention Gadget and the other states that a leather-bound pig was being sent through the pipeline, and while it passed, the leather squeaked against the sides of the pipe sounds like a squealing pig.

Different types of Pigs in Pipeline Pigging Companies USA –

Utility Pigs: They are inserted into the pipeline to remove unwanted materials, such as wax, from the line. Inline inspection pigs are also used to examine the pipeline from the inside and outline inspection pipe examine the pipe from outside, and specialty pigs are used to plug the areas of the line which are isolated. Lastly, gel pigs are a liquid chemical pigging system. They are also used to clean the pipeline of debris or seal the line. There are four different types of utility pigs which include mandrel pigs, foam pigs, solid cast pigs, and spherical pig

Inspection Pigs: They are also referred to as in-line inspection pigs or smart pigs, gather information about the pipeline from within. Nowadays, smart pigs are manufactured that gather important information which includes the pipeline diameter, curvature, bends, temperature and pressure, as well as corrosion or metal loss. Inspection pigs apply two methods to gather information about the interior condition of the pipeline one is magnetic flux leakage (MFL) and the other is ultrasonics (UT). MFL inspects the interior pipeline by sending magnetic flux into the walls of the pipe, detecting leakage, corrosion, or flaws in the pipeline and Ultrasonic inspection directly measures the how much thick is the pipe wall and also measures the amount of time it takes an echo to return to the sensor

Specialty Pigs: They are such as plugs, are used to isolate a section of the pipeline for maintenance work to be performed. The pig plug helps to keep the pipeline pressure in the line by stopping up the pipeline on every side of where the remedial work is being done. A combination of gelled liquids acts as a gel can be used in conjunction with conventional pigs or by themselves.

The names of the popular Pipeline Pigging Companies USA are as follows:-

Pigs Unlimited International, Inc.:- Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. serves the pipeline industry by solving the pigging needs of our customers. They not only strive to meet the expectations of the customers but exceed them and make the customers happy. The company is constantly striving to find new ways to offer the best pig at the best price, coupled. The office is present in Tomball, TEXAS (USA).Argus Machine Co. Ltd:-Argus Machine Co. Ltd. are almost same with oilfield threading in Western Canada. With more than seven premium threading licenses the offer complete threading solutions and aim to be their service provider of choice. The company also excel in Pressure Control Products and Pigging solutions from basic pressure .Office in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

Patton Myhre Sourcing, LP:- This company is established in 2005, specializing in sales and marketing for Domestic and international energy markets. The company has a combined experience level of over 50 years selling in the Oil and Gas Industry. Office in Tomball, TEXAS (USA).

T.D.Williamson (TDW):- The company since 1920, has served the pressurized pipeline industry with product and service innovations engineered to exceed customer expectations. Today, TDW is known as a global leader in pipeline product and service solutions, providing hot tapping & plugging, pipeline cleaning, geometry & MFL inspection. The office is in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA).

Pipeline Products Specialty Company (PPSC):- This company is referred to as the sales representative company with a full range of inventory. They have experienced over 30 Years experience as a sales representative, serving the onshore and offshore pipeline market. The client base includes oil & gas production, onshore & offshore. Office in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

SFE GLOBAL:-It is a municipal and industrial service company specializing in underground infrastructure assessment, monitoring, and environmental data management. The company has been conducting services of this nature for Government, Consulting Engineers, and Industrial Clients since 1991. The office is in Bellingham, WASHINGTON (USA).

Jamison Products:- Jamison Products is in designing and manufacturing a range of pipeline products including strainers, pig launchers & receivers, filters, and other products for liquid and gas pipelines. The company provides technical support which is backed by decades of experience in the filtration and piping industry. Office in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

Pipeline Pigging Products, Inc.:- This is a product manufacturing company of Internal pipeline cleaners referred to in the trade as poly pigs.It is constructed of a flexible open cell polyurethane foam and various external wrappings, Poly Pigs have the ability to negotiate short radius bends, ells, tees, multidimensional pipeline. The office is in Tomball, TEXAS (USA).

Atmos International Inc.:- This company is dedicated to pipeline technology. Atmos provides pipeline leak detection, theft detection, and simulation technology to the oil, gas, water, and associated industries. The office is in Manchester UK.

Pig is a process used for pipeline cleaning and minimizes corrosion due to foreign material inside diameter pipeline. Upstream to downstream, this is the direction of flow as according to differential pressure inside pipeline area.

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