Time-Saving And Cost-Reductive Copy Machine Features


This list of nifty features, in order of importance, will help you make the most of your current copier, whether you’re looking for a new one or just want to make the most of the one you already have.

1. Automated toner ordering

The easiest thing to forget about is re-ordering toner when you get busy. The result is that you are forced to read a document in the palest shade of gray, while the entire office has printing issues for days.

Even with the best of intentions, it is easy to overlook or forget the toner number and letter combination you need to reorder the correct toner. You are too busy to look up that information and order it online. Having access to toner whenever you need it is a swift, simple solution.

2. Installing ‘the Trimmings’

It’s easy to copy documents, but scanning and editing them in order to reprint them with some small changes may seem like a lot of work for so little reward.

Many copy machines now automatically add simple things like page numbers and dates to your copies in order to make your life easier. Your watermark can even be saved on some copiers.

3. A Secure Print Release Or A User Registration System

All of us are guilty of hitting the print button on the computer and then running for the printer so that we can get the document before anyone else in the office can see it; after all, it contains sensitive or confidential information, and you don’t want your nosy coworker to see it. Alternatively, you print a confidential document but then forget to pick it up.

4. Automatic duplexing

The term “auto duplexing” refers to printing on both sides of the page automatically (as opposed to flipping the page manually). The fact that it uses less paper probably wasn’t a surprise to you.

Even so, there is usually someone in your office who does things the same way for years and has never used this option. If you spend 30 seconds showing them where the “Print on Both Sides” box is, you can save a lot of time and money. You can set it up as the default so it is automatically selected.

5. Copy a portion of a page

In some cases, there’s no point in wasting toner on text and images you don’t need, and in others, a page might have sensitive or personal information you don’t want shared with two dozen coworkers and building contractors.

Scanning and editing are two processes that require too many steps. Today, most copy machines let you select a specific section before making copies or scanning to email. For more information check the link https://www.nationwidecopiers.co.uk/used-photocopier-sales/

6. Scan To Email And Scan To File

Most of these features are designed to make everyday tasks easier and more efficient by letting you skip steps. Scanning to email and scanning to files (usually .pdf or .docx) are part of that pattern. Scan a document with your copier or printer and it will be saved as a PDF or as a document, which can be emailed to yourself or to a colleague.

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