Tips While Choosing a disabled friendly property listings for travel


Who doesn’t like to spend a peaceful vacation with family in a seaside? Surely, anybody would dream of such a vacation and people with disabilities are not an exception in this case. Accessible holiday cottages out of the disabled friendly property listings for travel are gaining increasing popularity. After all, there are not many accessible cottages for handicap guests to spend a wonderful time with friends and family on a vacated when the holiday cottages for other travelers are in abundance. You cannot just expect any holiday cottage to fulfill the requirements of a wheelchair accessible person.

So, there is a huge demand for holiday properties that have wheelchair accessibility. In fact, many hotels are actually planning to remodel their properties in order to meet the additional wheelchair accessible needs of the guests. However, a complete remodeling will take up much time and effort.

Here are a few tips to choose the best from the disabled friendly property listings for travel.

What kind of holiday are you planning?

When you are all set to select the best wheelchair accessible cottage accommodation, the holiday type must be a concern. You have to decide whether you want a private accessible accommodation beside seashore or up in the mountains. This decision will automatically decide the location. The location that you pick will determine the range of accessibility that’ll be there in the surrounding areas of your holiday accommodation. But, be careful because mountains are not that ideal a vacation locale for disabled people.


This is the primary thing that is to be considered while choosing a disabled-friendly holiday property. It is crucial to take the vacation into account. How do you proceed? First of all, you need to surf and find a wheelchair accessible holiday accommodation that is close to the main town. You cannot forget that handicap people have limited mobility and in that case, they will be unable to travel long hours. So, the property must be strategically situated in a location that the daily supplies and care amenities are easily accessible.

Is disabled parking available?

Wheelchair accessible people don’t just need space inside the accessible cottage. One must also ensure that the parking facilities of the holiday cottage provides a surface firm and leveled enough for the ease of parking and loading when it is concerning disabled individuals.  The parking space must be near the main entrance.

Look up the official website:

Several accessible accommodation providers include a lot of additional information on their official website that might be of particular help to people with disability. The information includes all the accessible facilities within the property i.e. size of the bedroom, door widths etc. Websites may also contain floor plans of the accessible rooms that can be downloaded as a point of reference. Useful information on the wet rooms of the accessible rooms can also be found on the website in image form as well.

Also, check if the website has the provision of an Access Statement. This is a statement that describes in detail every aspect of the accommodation and is an official need for all quality-assured holiday properties.

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