Top 5 benefits of charging lockers


Technology is widely integrated with homes, schools and offices – meaning that the need to protect devices is greater than ever.

Laptops, mobile phones and tablets are used in almost every aspect of daily modern life. They hold precious photographs, personal information, videos, music and much more. Storing them inside a locker will allow you to keep them safe – but why not go one step better and consider a charging locker?

West Pennine Storage Equipment Ltd provide a wide range of charging lockersthat have been specifically designed to provide safe, reliable storage for electrical equipment. Their range of lockers are tailored to suit the demands of all customers and are ideal for companies of all sizes.

Here we explain the top 5 benefits of charging lockers:


Storing possessions inside lockers is an ideal solution for keeping valuable equipment out of sight. They minimise the risk of damage or theft and provide peace of mind that items are safely out of reach.

Laptop charging lockershave the added bonus of allowing you to charge your technology whilst it is being securely stored – a great efficiency feature.


Whether you’re looking to install lockers to your home or your business, West Pennine can help you to find the most suitable products and take into consideration your exact requirements.

Not only do charging lockers make sure that devices are fully charged when you come to use them, they also look great. Provided in various colours, heights, widths and depths, they offer a seamless blend to their surroundings.


When you have a number of devices that need storing, laptop charging lockers are highly recommended. Not only do they make it easier for you to maintain your equipment and ensure that it is always ready to use, they also save you the hassle of carrying your technology around with you.

The team at West Pennine provide products that are ideal for schools, warehouses and offices but have also supplied storage equipment for public services, including the police and fire service.


In terms of affordability, you needn’t look any further than West Pennine’s wide range of charginglockers. Their lockers guarantee cost savings and allow you to store devices in one place – keeping your costs low and making it easier for you to know where devices are.

The charging lockers can save you money by removing the need to replace equipment that is damaged or stolen.

Whether you’re looking for laptop or mobile charging lockers, you’re sure to discover great products for competitive prices at West Pennine.


The mobile charging stations have a mains power socket and USB charging socket which allows you to store and charge your device whenever required.

All their mobile charging lockers are carefully manufactured to comply with safety standards and include air ventilation to prevent devices from overheating. They are easy to use and allow you to store up to 18 devices safely.

If you need to know more about the charging lockers that West Pennine supply, don’t hesitate to contact them on 01706 875 500 today.

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