Top 5 Essentials For An Embroidery Business


Starting up your own embroidery business to be a success can be somewhat of a headache. Where do you begin and what do you need to buy? Ensuring you’re knowledgeable and up-to-date on the most important materials is vital. Take a look at these 5 essential items before turning on that neon open sign!

An embroidery machine

Undoubtedly, any embroidery business is going to need stellar embroidery machines. There are countless types to choose from, so make sure to select one that suits your business needs best. Your options will range from traditional to very modern with countless technical options. Don’t let the modern technology scare you, however. Although these machines are programmable and include devices like scanners and built-in computer systems, they are made with the end-user in mind. You don’t necessarily have to be tech-savvy to learn how to use new disks to create new patterns with your machine. Just make sure to research your options before investing in one more embroidery machines.

Great Scissors

Another somewhat obvious necessity is some great fabric scissors. Not so obvious, however, are all the sizes of scissors you will need. Some novices are under the impression that big scissors are enough to tackle any embroidery project, large or small. However, using large scissors to cut thread in small places may not be the wisest decision. Make sure to get the right sized scissors for the different parts of your projects.


If you’re serious about your embroidery business, you’ll need countless bobbins. Since you’ll need these all the time, it’s easiest to just purchase them online instead of having to drive to a destination just to purchase such a small and common item. Plan ahead and purchase them in bulk; if you’re running an entire business, chances are you’ll need them all the time so it’s best just to have them on hand. There are different types of bobbins you can purchase including wood, metal, cardboard, and plastic. Many are also available in a variety of colors for better organization purposes. Make sure to use the type that is recommended by your machine to prevent abnormal wear and tear of both your bobbins and your embroidery machine.

Hoops and Frames

An embroidery hoop and frame often come with your machine, but it’s wise to invest in more than one set. Most people will make sure to hoop their next garment while the first one is being sewn. Properly using a hoop and frame takes some finesse and delicacy in order to avoid leaving hoop marks on your fabric. During this process you’ll most likely need some additional pins and a handy pin cushion (or magnetic pin “cushion”) to finish your project.


In addition to the embroidery supplies you purchase, the software you choose will be essential to the success of your embroidery business. If your customers have personalized and custom designs, you’ll need to be able to scan their designs and resize them accordingly, help change fonts or colors, or even adjust your stitching patterns. You also may want to give customers the capability of working at a computer to select their own designs to enhance the user experience and customization of your business. All of these things will only be possible based on the software you purchase.

Brushing up on the latest styles and trends in the embroidery industry will also give you a huge advantage. So while shopping for all your essential items, don’t be afraid to ask questions! It will surely give you a better foot in the door once your customers start pouring in.

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