Top five Mexican restaurants in Lubbock, Texas, USA


Food is something which touches every soul equally. People love to eat and hang out with their friends and family. Once in a while they love to go out and eat different cuisines offered by restaurants. Restaurants with their wide choice of food and drinks attract people from different corners of a city. These restaurants prepare and serve delicious food to their customers. They vary greatly in the appearance and style including the type of sitting arrangement and service they provide. They can range from a simple family restaurant to a more luxurious five star restaurants offering world cuisines. Moreover, restaurants differ on the basis of the type of cuisine they serve. For example a restaurant can serve Mexican, Italian or Indian food depending upon people’s need and demand.

A Mexican restaurant is something which offers some unique dishes which represent the Mexican culture. Mexican dishes made with the mixture of spices and textures offer something which other cuisines fail to provide. There are number of things which together make a great Mexican restaurant:

  1. Mexican dishes:
    A great Mexican restaurant must be capable of preparing some classic dishes like tacos, burritos and salsa which are staple dishes of Mexican culture. If a restaurant fails to provide the same then it cannot be termed as Mexican restaurant.
    2. Creative cuisine and combinations:
    A Mexican restaurant must also go for some unique Mexican combinations which are able to attract non Mexican lovers too. Apart from the classic dishes they must offer creative cuisine options.
    3. Healthy options:
    Apart from the oily and fatty food, some Mexican dishes can be prepared using vegan ingredients which are loved by health conscious customers. A Mexican restaurant must serve some healthy options.

Top five Mexican restaurants in Lubbock, Texas, USA are:

  1. Cancun Restaurant Lubbock, TX:
    One of the best Mexican restaurant in Lubbock, Cancun Restaurant offer delicious Mexican delights to their customers. Every dish is prepared using fresh vegetables and ingredients. It offers the best Menudo and fajitas in the whole town. One can be sure of a great experience and a wonderful evening in this restaurant.
    2. Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant:
    People looking for quality Mexican food like carnitas tacos and tortilla chips with dip must surely visit the restaurant. It offers a comfortable atmosphere with polite service.
    3. Montelongo’s Mexican Restaurant:
    Quick service, comfortable sitting arrangement with affordable food prices are something which makes this the best Mexican restaurant one can ask for. It serves the best breakfast special i.e. eggs, bacon, potatoes, sausage and chips which is loved by one and all.
    4. Taqueria Jalisco:
    This Mexican restaurant is famous for its margarita, the staple Mexican drink. People love to taste its chips served with hot sauce. It is the best family restaurant with amazing service and combos.
    5. Albarran’s Mexican Bar & Grill:
    Spacious eatery offering loads of Mexican dishes, Albarran’s Mexican Bar & Grill is the best Mexican restaurant offering an amazing experience to its customers. Great chefs with years of experience in preparation of Mexican cuisines work at the restaurant. Food is served using unique presentation skills by the staff.

    Out of all the great Mexican restaurants, Cancun Mexican Restaurant Lubbock is the highest rated restaurant by food critics giving one more reason to visit it.

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