Types of Security Products Used by Businesses


Plastic labels and seals are often used to indicate when a trailer, tanker, utility meter or fire extinguisher has been inspected by officials. They can also be used to ensure that jewellery or money bags, containers or totes have not been tampered with when being transported by couriers. There are different types of security products that you can choose for your business.

Adjustable Length Seals

You can buy a variety of adjustable length seals to secure items for your business. These seals come in varying lengths, colours and strengths. They can be cinched tightly to indicate something has been inspected and approved, or you can use them to indicate items that need to be repaired. They have a label on which you can print information, such as your company’s contact information.

Fixed Length Seals

These security seals are used in many industries to help indicate when a trailer, meter or container has been tampered with. These seals feature a small area for printing and can be used to help track inventory by printing a barcode on each seal. The ends of the seals lock together, so it is easy to tell if they have been tampered with because the ends cannot be resealed.

Plastic Padlock Seals

Padlock seals are fixed length seals that allow you to lock cabinets, food carts, utility meters and containers used in the medical or pharmaceutical industries. They can be printed with information about the product being sealed as a warning, or with your company’s contact information. Like other fixed length seals, padlock seals cannot be relocked when tampered with, so it is easy to tell if something has been opened during shipping.

Plastic Security Labels

Another method for securing containers, especially smaller items like jewellery or money bags, envelopes or other document holders, is to use plastic security labels. You can have your company’s contact information, shipment information or instructions printed on the labels. Since the labels peel and stick on the item you are securing, it is easy to tell if the label has been cut, peeled open or tampered with in some other manner.

Using Security Products

There are several reasons for using security labels or seals within your company. They can help indicate when something has been tampered with. They can be used to indicate loads or items have been officially inspected, or they can be used to alert others to safety issues with products. Some companies will use seals to indicate their machinery needs to be repaired by tagging it, or they will use differently coloured seals to indicate the danger level associated with substances on their premises.

Security labels and seals can also be used for inventory purposes, because many of them have labels on which barcodes, order numbers and other information can be printed. By adding barcodes, employees can use a scanner to quickly inventory products for loss prevention. If your company transports chemicals, food, money, drugs or other sensitive or valuable products, then you will need security products to help keep them safe.

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