Understanding Professional Insurance


There are a wide array of costs, rules and regulations which any business must comply with.  This remains true for individual traders and even professional people who offer consultancy services.

In fact, professional insurance is one of those items which are often overlooked by the small business or entrepreneur.  This may be because you do not consider it relevant or you have not even thought about it as an option.  After all there are many policies which need undertaking and decisions to be made when establishing and running a successful business.

However, professional insurance is one thing that should never be overlooked.  If you are in the Worcester area of Massachusetts then it will be more than worth your while to arrange an appointment with Quaker Agency Inc. to discuss all your insurance needs.

Professional insurance is designed to provide you with protection if you ever face negligence or any similar civil lawsuit.  These claims can be extremely damaging financially and to your reputation.  Unfortunately it is very easy for almost anyone to bring a claim against you and without adequate insurance you will simply not be able to defend yourself.

Although this type of policy was originally ailed at service professionals it is increasingly being used by businesses selling products as well.  This is because a professional insurance policy will protect you against claims of negligent service and product issues; including failure to perform correctly or not working according to a product description.

These items and others covered by this type of policy are not dealt with by your standard general liability insurance.  The professional insurance is focused more on the individual needs and indirect ways people have been badly affected by a product.

There are even some professions which require you to have this insurance before you can offer your services.  These professions include doctors, lawyers and even estate agents who can be sued for misrepresenting a property.  As you can imagine the majority of cases which are dealt with by this insurance are not straightforward.  They will involve meticulous legal arguments and will cost a considerable amount of funds; hence the need for insurance.

Professional insurance will not help you in criminal cases; it is designed to assist you in dealing with civil cases, particularly where it is difficult to confirm blame or not.

It is worth noting that most of the professional insurance policies you will be offered will indemnify you for the period of the insurance.  They will not usually cover you against an issue that is already in progress or relates to a period before the insurance was in force; even if it is the day before it is enforced.  It is also worth checking what items are covered within your policy, sometimes technology insurance is included.  If it is not then you may need to consider a separate policy to cover this.

As with any policy the small print is crucial; be certain you know what cover you are getting before you commit to it; these policies can be expensive and should be comprehensive.


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