Use expired domains to get significant SEO benefits


It is not easy to consider a new project and look for a domain that is up to the circumstances. As much as we have the idea of the year, and we are eager to work, as soon as we register the domain we will be in what is called the Google sandbox.

We can define it as a place where domains are tested: if they really prove that they are legitimate, that they have quality content and that they are worth it on the Internet, the domain will abandon that sandbox and start ranking. If not, it will never rank. Fortunately, there are expired domains. Pages like backorders help us find those domains that have not been renewed on time or that, for whatever reason, the owners do not want to renew.

What advantage can expired domains have at the SEO level?

The person who acquires an expired domain will have the same properties as before. For example, if an authority link was pointed to that domain, such as that of a popular newspaper, this will continue to happen.

So two things happen:

  • The domain already has a certain power, which makes it more attractive to search engines.
  • When we start publishing quality content, we won’t have to wait long for them to rank or reach the top positions. With a new domain, the time for Google to simply index it can take several days, and the time it takes to move up to a position can be extended even further.

You may be wondering why these domains can be bought if they are so interesting, why the previous owner hasn’t renewed them. This could be because you have not agreed to do it, or you have invested in getting authority links, but you had to leave the project abandoned due to lack of time, not having much SEO knowledge, having other more profitable projects, or endless reasons.

The point is, by choosing a good expired domain, we have a solid foundation on which to build our idea. It will reduce work time and time to achieve results.

Why buy or hunt expired domains for SEO or web positioning?

Well, the answer is quite obvious, the topic is about links, authority and improving our search engine positioning. By hunting or buying expired domains, we are able to start “new” projects, a link profile that has already been worked on, and many times they maintain positioning and visits. These domains for sale can be used to create niche blogs or a little more generic (depending on the needs and resources we have) to generate links to the pages we want to position. Building an image on the web is a process that takes months and even years. It is about forming an entire SEO strategy, link building, marketing and projection on social networks. After this, the search engine positioning results will be sustainable. But what if you could get all of this in just a few days? That is the business of expired domains. Also if we want to keep the old positioning that the domain had, it will also serve to analyze the title, h1, h2 and description that the page had to mold it a little to how it was before.

Some precautions to buy expired domains

Before buying an expired domain it is very important to check its history. Only in the event that the record is positive can we get a good SEO.

Some domains have negative backlinks, and these are the main enemies of SEO. Positioning a website with these links will cost us twice as much, and it is not always possible.

When buying an expired domain there is always a certain % risk. Therefore, it is worth reviewing the domain in detail, its history, its links, as well as any details. It is possible that this bargain of dominion is not so much, and that the authority of the same harms you instead of benefiting you. Doing things right, this technique can be very profitable. Before buying any domain we must make sure that it has not been redirected to another domain for a long time since the redirected domain ends up acquiring the pr of the main domain and its authority (PR) sooner or later will end up disappearing and its ability to uploading to other pages will be almost nil or nil.

It is also important to remember that so that the website that we have mounted in the expired domain is not full of pages with 404 errors, we must redirect the most linked internal pages to the home page if we have not rebuilt them, or to internal pages that we create with related content. To facilitate this task and if the site had many subfolders, it is easy to make redirects using wildcards.

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