Using a Specialist Tea Packaging Company

girl drink tea

Tea is gaining more and more popularity by the day, it is considered a viable replacement for coffee and soda, considering the side effects that come with taking those drinks. Many individuals are beginning to realize the many advantages of tea when compared to other beverages, the addiction that comes with taking coffee is something most people are battling with today, taking soda for a long period of time also comes with its side effects, not to mention the high sugar content. This has made tea to be consumed by people from all over the world daily.

girl drink tea

Tea processing is something that requires the expertise of a well-trained professional, from the planting stage, to growing and harvesting. Packaging is everything, if you own a tea business or any other business, you know that the final packaging of your product is key to the success of your business, and this is because that is what meets the eyes of your customers and potential customers. You have to be meticulous with the whole process, choosing the right soil for planting, the environmental conditions, applying the right quality and quantity of fertilizer if needed.

You should employ the services of packing professional to handle the packaging your tea, this is important because, tea leafs are somewhat fragile and needs to be packed with care, and done manually. If not properly packed, tea can loose its value, an example is the medicinal tea used for aiding digestion, a process of post-fermentation is carried out, which makes it less harsh on the stomach, when packing a product like that, extra care needs to be put, to make sure the final product is not poorly packed.

Specialist Packing Services (SPS), which provides manual packing of products, is readily available to package your tea. The company is specifically focused on packing products that are not suitable for automated production and packing lines, which are used by most packing companies, any product that requires skilled manual filling and careful handling is weighed, packed and labelled by hand. A team of well-trained packers are always available to deliver services based on your business needs. With Specialist Packing Services, clients are responsible for supplying their own ingredients and packaging, if you are working with very small volume; SPS can help you produce bespoke blends when needed.

SPS takes tea packing a step further by providing bespoke white label packing service, this is perfect for tea shops, start-up tea companies, and distributors who want to offer their own branded tea products, without going through the trouble of sourcing and packing. You can choose from a range of over 20 teas and herbals, which are selected by tea professionals and sourced directly from the growers. These are basically from Chinese Oolongs and Japanese Green Teas, to English breakfast and Earl Grey blended in the UK.

When you decide to use a packing company to handle your tea packaging, SPS will help you, by providing the much-needed professional tea packing service for your business.

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