Using PPC Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales


While an Internet presence is vital for businesses of every size, it isn’t enough to just have a published website and a few social media accounts. There are marketing strategies which can be implemented to drive traffic to your website and help convert visitors into paying customers. While it can take weeks or months to get results from most online marketing strategies, PPC, or pay-per-click, strategies can be implemented and show results right away.

Using PPC Ads

Although PPC ads have a reputation for being expensive, they can be very effective. Digital marketing agencies that create and implement PPC ads will design them specifically for your business using the keywords that searchers use to find the products or services in which they’re interested. When the ads located on search engine results pages are clicked, they will direct the searcher to a landing page for the product or service that they’re researching.

Using Google Adwords

Since most searchers tend to use Google to find the information, products, or services that they are interested in, many digital marketing agencies are well versed in managing Google AdWords campaigns. AdWords is an advertising service created by Google to help businesses display ads on their search engine. It allows a business to set an advertising budget because they are not charged until their ads are clicked.

As with most PPC campaigns, Google AdWords can be implemented right away and you can see results in about a week or two. Along with getting your ads on Google, they can create text ads for results pages, optimise the landing pages, and monitor the ads to ensure that they are working as anticipated. If they are not getting the desired results, the marketing agency can change the ads to draw more qualified leads and convert more web visitors.

Qualifying Leads

One of the main benefits to using PPC in Leeds is that the searchers clicking the ads will be qualified leads. Every salesperson desires qualified leads because they are more likely to buy the products or services. When someone sees a PPC ad for a product or service that he or she wants and he or she clicks on it, he or she is considered a qualified lead and will be more likely to buy from your site.

Measuring Success

Whether it is a Google AdWords campaign or a regular PPC campaign, a digital marketing agency will be able to manage it by analysing metrics. They will be able to tell how many people are visiting your website, whether they were directed there by a PPC ad, how long they stayed on the site, and if they purchased what was advertised. They will be able to use this information to tell you what your ROI is for the PPC campaign.

A PPC campaign can be implemented as soon as an account is created for your company on search engines such as Google. A digital marketing agency can create ads for the different products or services you wish to advertise and optimise the landing pages so the ads help increase your sales.

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