What are some android apps which would help me to manage a small business


There are a few great apps that I swear by. I use them every day andSINC Free Employee Time ClockTimekeeping, managing attendance and producing payroll are chore that drag you away from the more important aspects of your business. SINC automates all of this so you can save time and money. It’s that simple.


If you want all the functionality of Google (who doesn’t) in one place, then G Suite is ideal for you. There are so many tools offered by Google, so to have them all in one app makes life easier. Collaboration on Google Docs and others is the perfect way to work.


This is the ultimate cloud accounting app, where you can stay totally connected to your business wherever you are. Viewing the financial performance of your business in real time adds so much potency to the decisions you make. Xero puts the power at your fingertips no matter where you are and what time of the day or night it is.


CRM has gone from buzzword to essential part of any business. Zoho just takes that to a new level, with an easy-to-use platform and a whole stack of features. It makes prospecting, managing and selling to your customers so much easier.


Trello is the tool that lets you set up and manage projects within your team. Like many of these apps, it just makes life so much easier. You get to see what is going on and encourage collaboration in your team.


Nothing slows business down more than a lack of communication. Slack is the tool that smooths the way you and your team communicate with each other. It integrates with other apps and you can customise it to work in exactly the way that you want.

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