What Are The Different Types Of Toilet That You Can Hire For A Work Site?


When you are organising a building site, make sure that you give enough consideration to the types of a toilet that are going to be used. There might be dozens of people working on the building site or there might be hundreds.

Regardless of how many people are working on the site, you need to make sure that the toilets are in full working order. This is something that you will not want to overlook because otherwise, people might start to complain.

What are the different types of a toilet that you can hire for the builders on a work site?

Individual Portable Toilets

When you have a small team of workmen, you will want to choose affordable toilet hire in Leeds. This is not a wise choice if the toilets are only going to be used by a few people. Instead, you should think about hiring individual portable toilets. You can place a couple at either end of the worksite and then people will be able to relieve themselves without going long distances.

Choose individual portable toilets which have large sinks that allow people to wash their hands in. Hygiene is important when people are working on a building site.

Multiple Toilet Blocks

Some building projects require hundreds of people to be on site at any one time. This can include site managers, builders and architects. You will want to make sure that all of them can go to the toilet without having to wait in line and waste valuable time. Instead of individual toilets, you should think about having a multiple toilet block.

These blocks often contain eight to ten toilets in a single row. You will be able to ensure that a handful of people can go to the toilet at the same time. Several toilet blocks can be installed at different points on the building sites. This means that tens of people can go to the toilet without wasting any time.

Make sure that the toilets are a high standard. They should be fitted with large storage tanks as well as dispensers for soap. Hygiene is incredibly important for everyone who is working on a building site. You should inspect the quality of different toilet blocks before you make the final decision.

Shower Blocks With Toilets

Working on a building site can be a demanding job. People often get covered in mud and dust whilst they are digging holes or installing pipes. It can be unpleasant to walk around in this dust and dirt all day, so the builders will want to get clean as soon as they possibly can.

Shower blocks can be installed at various points around the building site. Workmen will be able to get clean after they have finished working, and then they will be able to go home. You should inspect lots of shower blocks.

There are lots of different toilets to install on a building site.

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