What is a CRB Check?


The criminal records bureau (CRB) check itself, focusses on the criminal record of a person or persons and allows the inquisitive client to be aware of any crimes that the subject of the check has been convicted of, such as serious crimes involving murder, rape or robbery. This is because it is commonly believed that if someone has been a convicted criminal that there’s a high chance doing it again and thus endanger anyone around them.

Businesses that are looking at hiring new employees or volunteers or even reviewing existing employees and individuals, may opt to perform a pre-employment CRB check on somebody for a variety of reasons that may relate to company protection. Some companies or individuals are more particularly concerned about this kind of background check than others.

Mostly Run by Employers

Even though individuals can perform a criminal records bureau check on people, such as a landlord wanting to check out a potential tenant, criminal records bureau checks are in most cases carried out by employers. Certain employers are even required by law to perform a criminal records bureau check and it is most common for a check to be deemed necessary for all employees working with children and elderly or disabled persons. Employers are asked to check criminal records for child abuse and child abduction and over the past few years, it has also become popular to look for crimes that may even have to do with suspected terrorist activities.

When a criminal records bureau check is not deemed necessary by law, employers may select to conduct one for their own interests anyway. After a company has hired an employee, they can be liable for the employee’s actions, so when a company makes a poor hiring choice, it may work out costly in numerous ways. Not only will a poor decision cause financial issues by requiring a pay-out in the form of a lawsuit or losing funds to deceitful activities, but a company can also obtain damage to their good reputation.

Options and Alternatives

For those individuals or employers who are looking to conduct a criminal records bureau check on someone, they will have a number of options. Private investigators are most commonly employed for individuals or small businesses wishing to perform a criminal background check on a particular person and for medium to large size companies that require multiple criminal records bureau checks, there are professional companies that specialise in employment screening.

Also, anybody who wishes to conduct a criminal records bureau check on someone can do so through an online data broker. But employers will need to be careful in conducting criminal records bureau checks on the internet and any information given to the public by web-based information brokers may not be so accurate or updated. In which case you will need to use a renowned and trustworthy company.

Make sure to use a company that has the expertise in identity data intelligence and also you have confidence in.

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