What Is a Single Axle Trailer and What Can it Be Used for?


The increasingly popular single axle trailer is a towing device that is pulled at the rear of a vehicle and is used to carry items from one place to another. This type of trailer features the one single axle, to which two wheels are joined which allow the trailer to move behind the vehicle. The single axle trailer type is often utilised to haul only a certain smallish amount of weight, and anything over that weight, will, in the name of safety, require a larger, dual axle trailer. The trailer is commonly connected to a truck or SUV in many cases, although you will frequently see some cars also towing smaller versions of the trailer.

Unlike larger types such as livestock cattle trailers, the single axle trailer design can differ. A number of trailers are contained, which then protects the contents from any exposure to the elements as well as from robbery or damage. Other kinds of trailers are of the open-air design type, and the back end of these trailers can sometimes be lowered to make a ramp for loading or unloading. These trailers are particularly popular with people involved with sports, who haul ATV’s (All Terrain Vehicle) or motorcycles, as well as people hauling heavy equipment, like industrial lawn mowers.

Safety and Security

The means by which a single axle trailer is connected to a truck or SUV involves attaching the trailer hitch to a hitch receiver fitted on the rear of the vehicle. The hitch receiver’s hauling weight capacity as well as the size of the vehicle doing the towing, will spell out how large of a trailer can be hauled. Security chains are also connected between the trailer and the hitch as a form of extra security should the hitch system happen to fail.

For the single axle trailer to be deemed street legal, it will have to be fitted with brake lights that will operate in sync with the vehicle’s brake lights; the axle, wheels, and tyres must also be the correct size in many cases to be function safe and secure on the roads. The trailer’s frame itself must be made straight and solid enough to prevent any loss of control on motorways.


A number of single axle trailers are designed for particular purposes. A car hauler, for instance, is a short, single axle design that lets a car or truck be safely secured to the trailer unit and transported by another vehicle. Other single axle trailers are created specially to tow small boats, jet skis, motorbikes, ATVs, etc.. These different kinds of design may also be either open-air or of the enclosed trailer type, depending on the owner’s requirements. Occasionally,the size of the trailers will be somewhat limited, however, and these specialty trailers may then require two or even more axles, depending on the capacity of what is being hauled.

Trailers are becoming increasingly popular, as you may have noticed!

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