What is fibernet and how does it help?


This article takes a look at why a fibernet connection is the best Internet solution for your home.

Each home today is in need of a broadband connection. At first, you would think that high speed Internet is fine as far as offices are concerned, and that homes scarcely need it. But think about it: each member of your family has a mobile phone, some of you have your own laptops, there is an Internet-enabled TV set, maybe a desktop computer or a gaming console. All of these devices require Internet connectivity, and instead of having individual connections (via phone data, computer dongles, etc.) one broadband connection can do the job.

However, picking the right connection is important. You get superior results when you install a fibernet connection for your home. It is a faster, more reliable connection than the average broadband Internet that you currently use.

It is the best way of getting a good Wi-Fi connection for your house.

What is fibernet broadband?

  • Fibrenet broadband is an Internet connection that employs the use of fibre optic cables to transmit Internet signals over long distances. It is a more robust transmission signal as compared to the copper cables used in most broadband connections.
  • Fibre optics provide a stronger, wider connection so that bandwidth of the transmission is much higher. This accounts for higher speeds.
  • Also, fibre optic cables can cover more distances than copper wiring, so the user gets a much better signal even when the nearest mobile tower is far away. The more the numbers of mobile towers, the faster the speeds.
  • Leading Internet service providers are offering fibernet connections with peak speeds of 300 Mbps and an astonishing uptime of about 99%.
  • Also, you can connect up to 10 different digital devices on the same fibernet connection, and not affect speeds or transmission output on any of them. The connection is the best solution for homes with high density Internet usage. It is also useful for office networks.

Get high speed Internet home!

It’s time to upgrade your existing Internet connection to a fibernet one. And it’s really easy to do so:

  • Simply place an inquiry on the web portal of the service provider. They will contact you shortly to take down your address and check the viability of installing the connection for your home.
  • Check the broadband plan that meets your needs. Leading service providers have 1-month, 6-months and 12-months plans. There are 5 different plans under each category, so you have ample choice. You can always upgrade to another plan at a later date.
  • Get the connection installed and complete the KYC process to activate it.
  • Pay the monthly bill online to keep the connection going.

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