What to Expect from an Established Commercial Removal Company


If business is booming and things are looking up, your thoughts will soon turn to a larger, more suitable work area. The first step is to source such a premises, and with online real estate agents, whether you are looking for office or factory space, they would be able to help you find the ideal location. Once you have found the perfect premises, the next thing to do is look for a commercial removal contractor, and with that in mind, here are just some of the services you can expect to find from a single company.

  • Packing and Inventory Management – Listing all the items to be included in the move would likely take your staff a few days to do, yet the office removalists have a wealth of experience in managing the many items, and with professional packers, everything will be clearly labelled, ensuring the unpacking and reassembly is straightforward.
  • Dismantling and Assembly Services – Office furniture needs to be carefully dismantled, for safe transportation, and things like boardroom tables would need to be carefully taken apart and reassembled. Workstations also require some preparation before they can be moved, and the removal company would be able to handle all dismantling and reassembly.
  • Cleaning Services – Both the old and new premises must be cleaned, and this is something you can delegate to the removal company, who will ensure your old space is in a clean condition and the new premises is ready for occupation. The removal company would have all the necessary equipment to carry out a thorough commercial clean at both venues, and with experienced cleaning teams, the job will soon be completed.
  • Storage Facilities – It is likely you will need some secure storage while the relocation is taking place, and any established removalist would have this facility, and whether for a few hours or weeks, they can safely store everything until the time is right.
  • Document Shredding – Relocating your business is the ideal time to have a paper clear out, and with secure document destruction services, you won’t have to include boxes and boxes of old files and reports. It isn’t just documents that you might no longer need, and any old office furniture or unwanted items can be disposed of responsibly by the removal company.
  • Telecom Services – You will, of course, require phone and fax lines at the new premises, and with a dedicated broadband service, your website will not experience any downtime. Co-ordination is the key to a successful commercial relocation, and an established removal contractor would designate a project manager for each contract, and this means you only have to deal with one person.

Online solutions make sourcing a removal company much easier, and if you manage to find one that offers all of the above, this is the key to a successful commercial relocation. Relocating any business requires a level of planning, and if you use the right contractor, you and your staff can focus on the business.

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