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Tesla Motors designs develop then manufactures and sells the complete electric transports,energy storage systems, installs, operates and maintains solar and energy storage. The company works for two different segments one is automotive and the other is energy generation and storage. It also sells electricity generated by the solar energy system to its customers. From the electric transports, one is the Model S sedan, Model X SUV (sports utility vehicle), model 3 of sedan design for the mass market. Energy storage systems are open for house utility and also for commercial facilities and at utility sites.

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Analyst Rating

Based on 34 analysts who say the strong buy percentage of the company to be 17.65, buy to be 5.88, hold 41.18, 26.47 for underperforming and sales are found to be 8.82.

Analyst Price Target

The average stock price target for Tesla Company is 472.55 with the highest estimate of 1060.00 and the lowest estimation of 61.57 with the current price being 542.85.

TLSA Stocks conditions

The day’s range constantly is varying in the range of 542.06-559.98 with a volume of 4.64M. Open at 549.75, Previous close was at 539.25, turnover percent is 2.56. The week range vastly varied in 176.99-968.99.

EPS (Earnings per share) analysis 2019-2020.

The estimate in the first sensor (Q1) of 2019 was -1 and the actual was found to be -3, in the second estimate (Q2) was -1 and actually came up to -1.5 (around), third estimate (Q3) was -1 and the actual rose to 1.5, fourth estimate (Q4) was 1 and actually remained constant at 1.5. The estimate of the first (Q1) sensor of 2020 is expected to be -0.8(around) but due to the hit of Covid-19, the stocks are badly hit. Let’s see for the actual value to be obtained.


A company’s stock may be falling and while everyone assumes the fall to be the reality but it differs on the aspect of the real scenario depending upon the vision of the company and the ambition. As it was found that the company kept hitting the lows couple of months ago but at this point nasdaqtsla or Nasdaq ttd stock news at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-ttd in the market are better than it ever was.TSLA being in the top hottest stock has a higher expected audience.

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