When is it necessary to use an antivirus on your computer?


There are people who prefer to keep their computer without antivirus , almost always motivated by the fact that many times it can slow down the PC. Actually, these users surf and work with their computer, trusting in their computer experience, without worrying about the entry doors of malware that may remain open.
Do we really need to use an antivirus ? Is not it enough that we get used to adopt a series of habits that prevent the entry of malicious software? In this article we want to discuss this topic with you.

Install an antivirus, yes or no?

The main reason why you need to use antivirus on a PC is precisely because the Microsoft operating system usually has multiple vulnerabilities . Users with low or no computer level can become easy victims of unscrupulous people who spread viruses, Trojans and all types of malware to damage our files or fill our computers with garbage.

I know a person, a little shower with computers, who had 2 free antivirus installed on your computer, perhaps trusting in the myth that two protect better than one. Despite having such protection, he downloaded a file that should not be downloaded and his computer was infected.

Therefore, it is important that in addition to a good antivirus, we advise ourselves well to acquire some minimum computer skills to learn healthy user habits. Do not open or click on spam mail, do not download any software that we search online, do not press certain links …

And even then there will always be a certain degree of uncertainty. For example, if your computer is shared with other people , or you have it on a network. You do not know if at some point another person will use it when you are not there and will make mistakes of a truism.

We must prevent unforeseen events, take into account unusual situations, but they can occur. They are precisely the exceptional moments , when you are desperately looking for a program to download, when what has not happened in years happens.

And then you remember the day you decided not to install an antivirus .

To avoid always damaging important files , it is good to have automatic backup copies so that, even in the event that we suffer a catastrophe, the essentials are never lost and easily accessible. The redundancy of data allows us to be calmer in case of accident.

The importance of installing an antivirus

An antivirus is a program that aims to detect or eliminate computer viruses. With the passage of time and thanks to advances, antivirus programs have evolved to be able to disinfect files and prevent them from becoming infected. At present, it is almost impossible to surf the web without this protection.

The existing threats in each site that we visit through the Internet and the high probability of being victims of a virus attack or malwares make it essential to have a good antivirus. . If you want to enjoy a good antivirus that takes you away from dangers, then A website called Savenit , From there you get the best paid antivirus for pc.

The most important thing will be to always have the security software selected updated to ensure that our computer or another type of device is always protected. Thus, we can read the e-mail or open documents without concern.

Main Attacks

By not having an antispam or when a license expires, the computer is vulnerable to the following offensives that can cause considerable damage to the system:

  • Infected emails with dangerous attachments when they are executed.
  • Infected websites that download a malicious code called Worms.
  • Documents such as Word and Excel that attack the operating system.
  • Spyware introduced by viruses to spy on personal data.

Consequences of a virus

If a computer virus is not eliminated, it causes such common and serious effects as:

  • Loss of important data that was not saved in backup.
  • Slow operation of the computer or inability to use it.
  • Frauds and theft of personal data that are sent to other computers. A very common example is the one that has to do with the number of the credit card.
  • Identity theft, hackers can use a computer to execute new attacks.

The most advanced antispam fight against viruses and also detect Spyware. From Vega Gestión we are committed to ensuring the integrity of all the data of your company with customized solutions and personalized budget . Our main objective will be to provide your business with the best security .

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