When Should You Hire Skilled Contractors?


As someone who owns a small business, you may have heard some of your fellow entrepreneurs talk about hiring skilled contractors or day labour for help. That might have sounded odd to you, but you may later see exactly why they did so. The labour hire industry is very successful for one reason: the services these professionals offer are highly sought after and are often needed by businesses that have over-extended themselves. Here are a few times you may want to hire some contractors to help your business get ahead.

During Your Busy Season

If you find yourself swamped during the holiday season, spring season, or any other time of the year, it may be time to call in some extra help. You can hire forklift drivers to help keep your warehouses on schedule, store associates to provide extra help with stocking shelves or checking out customers, and delivery drivers to make sure every package reaches its destination on time. With some of the experts you can hire from Blue Collar People, you won’t have any trouble keeping up with the increase in orders and work you get during your busiest period of the year.

When You Are Short on Employees

Sometimes, you find your office looks something like a ghost town. Employees may be out sick, on leave for personal reasons, or even out of state attending a conference or training seminar. In that case, you may find that you simply don’t have enough people on hand to keep things running smoothly. If that’s the case, you can call in some additional workers to help take care of any tasks you may have.

Short-term hired workers can also be great if you’re between permanent staff members. For example, if your administrative assistant suddenly quits, it may take several weeks to find someone to fill that position. In the meantime, you’re left without anyone to take phone calls or handle all of the little tasks that need to be done. Bringing in a temporary support staff member can make the transition much less stressful.

For a Task Your Team Doesn’t Have the Skills for

You may have a great team of employees who are all experts in their appropriate fields, but sometimes a task comes up that you simply can’t handle because you have no one on your staff who is trained in that area. When that occurs, you can contact Blue Collar People for outside assistance to help you handle whatever the task may be.

When You’re Expanding

When your business is growing, you will probably reach a point where you need to hire more people but aren’t yet financially stable enough to do so. In that case, you may want to bring in temporary workers to fill this space until you have the stability needed to create full-time positions with benefits and full salary. It’s even possible that by the time you are ready to hire someone full time that your hired help will be interested in the job, saving you the time needed to train someone new.

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