Where Will You Be Holding Your Tech Event?


If you are holding a techie convention or event, you need to choose the right venue for the gathering. After all, displaying digital products or technological devices is different than setting up displays for items such as jewelry. Therefore, you need to find a place that hosts events that are state-of-the-art and that can handle your electronic needs.

A Tech-Savvy Environment

This can easily be done if you select a venue that provides a tech-savvy, contemporary environment for companies. The event space you choose should be designed and developed for multifunctional and multipurpose use. When you find this type of space, you need to learn more about the details and the kinds of places that are open for tech shows.

For example, an event venue in Sukhumvit may provide variously sized rooms to hold a certain number of guests. To give you an idea, an auditorium provides seating for up to 440 tech attendees. You can secure a fully furnished and contemporarily designed auditorium that features a double deck plus a number of attractive amenities.

Do You Need to Host Training for Your Company?

Some of these amenities include free WiFi, LCD projectors, LED TV, in-house lighting and sound, and water. You can also request flipcharts if you need them. In addition, the facility can be made wheelchair-accessible. This type of event venue is approximately 600 square meters in size and is ideal for holding programs that involve training or discussion.

You can use this type of space to host a press conference or debut a new tech product. It can also be reserved to hold a company employee meeting. Because this type of auditorium is multi-level and tiered, the attendees can view a presentation without difficulty.

Reserving a Foyer for Your Event

If you need a multi-purpose area or a more open platform in Sukhumvit, you might consider reserving a foyer. This type of space holds up to 200 people and features open-plan seating. With this type of design, everyone enjoys a casual and relaxed atmosphere where attendees can go to hold discussions or take part in small presentations. This type of event area is only used as an extra space if you rent the auditorium space.

If you want an informal stadium-type area to conduct a lecture or hold a meeting in Sukhumvit, you may want to consider a town hall-type space that will hold up to 150 individuals. This space, similar to the auditorium type space, is multi-tiered. You can either hold group discussions or arrange informal meetings. The open floor plan features an LCD projector and in-house audio and lighting. You can also request flipcharts and free WiFi if needed.

If you would like to make your meeting space more personalized, you might want to check out a workshop room. This multipurpose room is an ideal venue for scheduling seminars, workshops, company trainings, and meetings. As with the other areas, you can enjoy amenities such as in-house lighting and sound, an LCD projector, flipcharts, and Wi-Fi. You just need to figure out how many attendees will be participating in your event. After you find out the details, you can book a tech room that will support your event’s needs.

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