Why C-suite executives need close protection


Close protection has become a part and parcel of corporate security measures. However, some corporations still haven’t adopted this essential security protocol for their C-suite employees. This blog will try to highlight the significance of close protection for top corporate executives.

As a general security measure

Yes, getting close protection for the company’s top executives has become the need of time. In today’s uncertain and volatile environment when the display of violence has become a thing of regulation, companies need to protect their valuable human asset through close protection supervised by trained and experienced bodyguards. Moving along with attentive security personnel is not pompous exhibition anymore. Top officials genuinely need a halo of protection to evade visible and invisible threats.

To deter the ill-intentioned insiders

Top corporate executives are at the helm of many important business matters. Their decisions and actions sometimes upset some of the insiders and stakeholders. Among such dismayed individuals, some just sulk for a time being and let it go. However, there are cases when some of them take the resentment to the next level. A physical assault, planned road mishap or even worse a kidnapping becomes part of their mischievous plan to settle the score.

Executives who move without any personal security are more vulnerable to all such evil designs. For that matter, security experts strongly advise corporations to arrange close protection for their executives, particularly the ones who look over dispute resolutions and litigations.

To ensure employee satisfaction

Having them on lucrative salary packages and offering incentives definitely cover the part of the extrinsic motivation for the corporate executives. But psychological studies have concluded that humans need both extrinsic and intrinsic reinforcement to perform better and corporate executives are not exceptions.

The organization can ensure this intrinsic satisfaction by arranging close protection for them. The fact that the company takes care of them through exceptional measures will definitely push them to work even better. It will also lessen the chances of their move to any other organization.

For a better business reputation

Arranging close protection for top executives also a role in the image building of the company too. By arranging close protection for its top executives, an organization can effectively convey the message within the sector that it means business.

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