Why is Recycling Plastic So Important


Plastic is a highly durable, synthetic material that is currently used in more than a thousand different applications. It’s made using a range of synthetic and semi-synthetic compounds. One of the main reasons why plastic has become so popular in the past few decades is because it is so malleable. Plastic can be moulded into virtually any shape and because it is so durable, you don’t even need to worry about the plastic bending out of shape. The high molecular count in plastic makes it a very sturdy material that can be used in a number of different applications.

Today, plastic is used in some form or another in almost every industry. It’s extremely affordable and because of its low cost and versatility, it has spread all over the globe. China is the leading exporter of plastics in the world today. If you take a look around your household, you will notice many items that are made from plastic. Mugs, discs, bottles, film coatings, and shopping bags are all made from some form of plastic.

The increase in population has also increased the amount of pollution in the environment. People don’t think twice before throwing away plastic items. Millions of plastic items somehow find their way into the ocean, where they can cause significant harm to the environment. The effects have already begun to show: each year, millions of fish and sea animals die to asphyxiation after eating plastic products. Companies that use plastic granulators, such as Zerma, specialise in recycling different kinds of plastics. They offer a range of recycling services to local companies and homeowners. Here are a few reasons why plastic recycling has become a necessity.

Environmental Impact

The facts highlighted above regarding the impact of plastics on the environment merely scratch the tip of the iceberg. Rather than recycling, most of the plastic is buried in landfills or burned in incinerators. When burned, plastic releases dense, thick smoke which rises up into the atmosphere and causes serious damage to the ozone layer. Compared to other materials, plastic does not decompose as quickly. Therefore, burying the plastic in a landfill isn’t exactly a wise idea. Recycling with companies such as Zerma actually helps save valuable landfill space.


Previously, it was thought that recycling plastics is a pretty difficult job. However, thanks to advancements in technology, recycling plastics is easier than ever before. Almost every Australian has access to a plastic recycling program in one way or another. You are likely to see a recycling can at the corner of your street. Private companies also offer plastic recycling services. Machines such as the granulator can reduce plastic items into tiny granules, which can then be turned into a multitude of different items. Perhaps the biggest reason why it’s necessary to recycle plastics is because it can help conserve energy and reduce the burden on the natural resources within the country. Given the fact that the world is already consuming a lot of fossil fuels, reducing global reliance on natural resources is essential for sustainability.

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