Why Mediation Is Best For Construction Dispute Issues.


When there are disputes regarding construction or construction contracts, nobody wants to go to court because it is time consuming, and can end up costing all the parties a considerable amount of money in legal fees. This is when you need to avail yourself of the services of a construction dispute consultant. Construction dispute consultants provide services such as setting up meetings, mediation, arbitration, adjudication and early neutral evaluation, but we will look at the benefits of mediation is this article.

Find A Solution.

Mediation involves getting the affected parties together with an independent third party who is neutral, and then goes through a process of finding some kind of resolution to the problems. In the UK, you can use construction dispute consultants in Watford, for this very purpose and they have been known to be very successful, in the majority of cases before them. When mediation occurs, it gives everyone the chance to talk about their problems, find out where the communication broke down, and hopefully find some sort of solution, that means they don’t have to go to the law courts to sort it out.

Save Time And Money.

It must be remembered, that mediation is generally a voluntary situation and the chosen mediator in the case doesn’t have authority and can’t force decisions, unless both parties agree at the outset, that the mediator has such powers. Going through a mediation process is much quicker than taking your case to court, and it is a lot cheaper, in terms of lawyer fees and the other various costs of taking a case to the courts.  If a dispute does come up, then it is essential that it is taken to arbitration as soon as possible, before the issues get so big, that the courts are the only answer. The more complex the issue and the more people involved, means that getting to arbitration quickly, is very much encouraged.

Keep It Confidential.

Mediation can also take place while a court case is pending or currently going through the courts. There is always the possibility that issues can be resolved in arbitration, before it goes too far in the courts. By taking the case to court, the details of the conflict are part of public record and are there for all to see. This might have an adverse affect on future business transactions and agreements. By going through mediation, privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed without other parties being aware of the details and in most cases, it leads to a better conclusion for both parties.

Reach Agreement.

The great thing about mediation is that the parties involved make the decisions and are responsible for any agreements that they may make together. The mediator isn’t there to make the final decision, only to guide and point both parties in the right direction. The mediator looks at the problem and tries to find the causes, so that they might find solutions that will be agreeable to both parties. This form of conflict resolution is better, because the hope is that these business people will do business again in the future.

It is always best to try to resolve construction issues before they get too big. Using a dispute consultant is the first step to finding agreement.

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