Why online payment with recharge apps is the best option


Managing bills online is already quite easy – and the task is made much easier with the right recharge or payment app.

In recent years, especially after the demonetisation exercise of November 2016, many people have made the shift from offline to online payments.

Paying money and receiving it online are much simpler than dealing with cash in the offline space. Online payments are fast, convenient and cost-effective. You don’t even need to carry your wallet with you when you leave the house – just your smartphone is enough to transfer payments if you have a good recharge app or payment app loaded on the phone.

Payment and recharge apps provide the highest levels of convenience to users. You can pay your bills, send or receive money, recharge phone and DTH connections and manage your money in a more streamlined way using a payment app. You can use the app from anywhere in the world at any time.

How recharge apps help in online payment

Recharge apps are smartphone applications that transfer payment to the service provider. They offer a seamless form of online payment platform for all users.

Online payment using the service provider’s website is certainly a good option to try. However, it is not always a convenient option, especially if you are away from a computer. In contrast, using a payment app for online payment using your smartphone is always much easier. The smartphone is a handier instrument that you use with greater ease than a laptop or desktop computer. It takes just a few swipes and flicks of the screen to complete paying your bills and recharges.

In recent years, recharge apps have gained widespread prominence due to the convenience and ease that they provide. They help you recharge your phone and DTH connections. Really great recharge apps like the myAirtel app also offer postpaid and broadband bill payment facility, as also gas, power and water connection bill payment facility. Thus, the recharge app doubles up as your virtual online payment facilitator for all your needs.

How to use recharge apps

  • Install the app of your choice from a list available on the Google Play Store (for Android devices) or iTunes (for iPhones). After download, set it up using your contact details and bank account and/or debit card information, as instructed.
  • We recommend installing the myAirtel app for your online payment needs, whether it is phone bill payment or DTH/phone recharge. The app offers you the chance to pay household utility bills as well. The best part is, you don’t need to be an Airtel subscriber to be able to use the app.
  • Tap to open the app whenever you wish to use it. There is no cap on how many times and what time of the day you can use the app for online payment.

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