Why Use Folding Cartons for Product Packaging


Folding cartons have become a popular way to showcase a wide range of retail products, such as food items, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care items, toys and small electronics.

This packaging type provides decent protection for the products while they’re being transported and displayed at retail outlets, while giving brands an excellent opportunity to showcase what they’re making and attract attention from shoppers. This explains why it’s now the most popular packaging type for small consumer products.

If you’re considering using folding cartons for your products, here are a few advantages offered by this packaging option:

Perfect for Reducing Packaging Size

The recent trend in consumer products has moved towards smaller packaging sizes. This helps increase consumer satisfaction, as many individuals don’t like products that come with packaging that is too bulky for no reason. Reduced packaging volume also has benefits for businesses.

Less material used helps keep costs down and also allows a company to say that they’re doing their part to prevent waste and safeguard the environment by reducing the resources they use in the course of doing business.

Folding cartons are suited very well for smaller products that don’t require much packaging to keep the item protected.

Appealing to Consumers for Single Serve Products

Products that are designed to be used by single person households or that will be quickly used by one person, such as snack foods, can be packaged and displayed neatly in folding cartons.

The small cartons still give brands opportunities to add imagery that distinguishes their products from the rest and makes them appealing to their target demographic.

Full Compatibility With a Variety of Printing and Customization Techniques

While folding cartons have been around in various forms for several decades, the printing technology used by brands to make their appearance unique has evolved significantly.

Digital printing technology makes it easy and affordable for brands to get packaging materials customized with high-quality printing in vibrant and attention-grabbing colors.

Of course, for applications where aesthetics aren’t that important, such as products used primarily by professionals, it’s possible to simply put the brand name or logo, description and model number of the product, together with a simple image of the product in black ink on a solid colored background.

Packaging customization options that can be applied to folding cartons today aren’t just limited to printing. Holographic images. Fresnel lenses, plus tactile features like embossing, are all available to product manufacturers, resellers and distributors, even small businesses.

Easily Made to Comply With Relevant Safety and Sanitation Standards

Food products, pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements all have to comply with a wide range of standards to ensure that they’re safe for human consumption.

There have been concerns in the past few years as to whether some printing inks or contaminants commonly found in recycled cardboard materials could have long-term health risks.

The packaging industry has been quick to respond by coming up with a variety of films and interior packaging liners that are able to prevent possible contaminants from coming into contact with the products contained inside.

New safety and quality standards have also been put in place with the aim of avoiding the transfer of any chemicals contained in printing ink from the outside of the packaging to the inside.

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