3 Essential Steps of Successful Lifecycle Marketing


Lifecycle marketing is about marketing and sales campaigns which address your customer’s needs and requirements and change together with the evolving changes. So you need to understand that your brand new customer will definitely have absolutely different needs in terms of content than a long-term loyal customer who knows what and how he or she wants to purchase at your company. In this article we collected three main tips for a successful lifecycle marketing campaign.

Step 1: Value Communication

First and foremost, you need to always remember that for the proper campaign to build, you need to know what your customers want. This is why rule number one named by lifecycle marketing services in Toronto is communication. You should regularly ask your customers about the value you are generating on their behalf. In this way you not only get the required information for your company, but also expresses your dedication to the customers.

The easiest way of pleasing your customers with communication is by using narrative, making your customers heroes of the story. You need to relate your story to their personal experiences as well as your product to ensure that the story remains in their heads for a long time.

Step 2: Onboarding

Second point of lifecycle marketing is onboarding. If you are a company that produces some kind of product, then for your onboarding sequence should include a welcome message and a series of getting started emails.

Make sure that you take the welcoming emails seriously, otherwise you risk failing really loudly! Make sure that even welcoming emails include some calls to action for your customers and clients. These messages, though nicely looking and sounding, must be made explicit: clear, simple, and focused on your product. You need to get people to the next step, provide them with an idea of what they can expect and ensure that their first experience with your product is a positive one.

Toronto experts say that personal welcome emails are actually one of the greatest ways to begin a conversation with your new customer. Try to also intrigue them a little to get them curious and interested in what will come next.

Step 3: Product-based up-selling

And the final part of our eCommerce development Toronto experts have to offer is up-selling strategy. This idea will work perfectly if you can offer additional products to the customers that will satisfy their needs. Make sure that you follow requests, reviews, and purchases of each of your clients to learn about their specific needs and maybe wishes.

Do not forget that you, however friendly might be with all the customers, still need to focus on actual buyers and not only window-shoppers. Try to come up with special offers for the former to keep their attention for as long as you can. And do not forget about the gifts strategy – the more free presents you give to the people, the more and the longer they will appreciate your company!

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